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Best Short Aftermath Jokes

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  1. Ever since I retired from being a math teacher, my whole life has been … … dealing with the aftermath.
  2. I passed my Algebra test today but failed my Biology exam. The aftermath was really difficult.
  3. A turtle got mugged by a gang of snails... In the aftermath the police officer asked the turtle for details.
    Trembling, the turtle mutters, "I... I don't know. It all just... happened so fast!"
  4. My friend really went off the rails after he failed his statistics course The aftermath was terrible.
  5. I accidentally destroyed my home by subtracting (2*5) from 10. Nothing was left in the aftermath.
  6. Did you hear about the statistics major who ended up homeless when they couldn't find a job after graduation? It was a real bad after-math.
  7. I thought the math exam was bad enough. But when I finished i realised... I had to deal with the aftermath.
Aftermath joke, I thought the math exam was bad enough. But when I finished i realised...

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Aftermath One Liners

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  1. What do mathematicians call retirement? Aftermath
  2. I hope they never ban algebra... Think of the aftermath!
  3. What happens to a math major when he flunks out of school? The aftermath
  4. When does Eminem go to English class? Aftermath
  5. A mathematician died I wonder what was the aftermath.
  6. What does a mathematician deal with when finished their work? The aftermath
  7. What do you call completed Algebra homework? The aftermath.
  8. I wrote my maths test today And I failed. Guess it's a bad aftermath.
  9. What do you call the moments after math? The aftermath.
  10. I busted my nose earlier today... I suppose women can call the aftermath a hot mess.
  11. Black Widow movie slated for this fall A documentary on the aftermath of Baltimore
  12. When does Eminem leave school? Aftermath

Aftermath joke, When does Eminem leave school?

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So I told h**... about 9/11

I told him about the carnage and the aftermath, and how the state of America was changed forever, but he was confused.
So, I told him about the backstory, and how Bin Laden began to plan this in the 90s, but he was still confused.
Then, I told him about the numerous connections and the conspirators who trained to fly the planes.
I saw the look on his face.
"What's the confusion?"
h**...: "But why no eleven?"

Sometimes at Wal-Mart...

Sometimes at Wal-Mart I like to fill my grocery cart up with wonderful toys. Then I try to find a mother with annoying kids and I hand the kids one of the toys. I make a quick get-a-way so the mother can deal with the aftermath.

My uncle wants to publish a cookbook that teaches people how to prepare nutritious and tasty meals using the kinds of meagre rations that are available in the aftermath of a hurricane/earthquake/flood/etc.

I told him it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Aftermath joke, What do you call completed Algebra homework?

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