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Funniest Afterlife Short Jokes

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  1. Did you hear about the new Italian restaurant that just opened in the afterlife? It's called pasta Way.
  2. Why do Muslims believe the afterlife is more important than the current life? If you lived in the Middle East, you would too.
  3. So a priest walks up to an atheist and says afterlife. The atheist stares and says I don't get it.
    The priest says I know.
  4. There has never been a ghost sighting in Finland All the ghosts who died there went on to the afterlife due to them having no un-Finnish-ed business.
  5. Billy Graham and Stephen Hawking meet each other in the afterlife. That was Amazing! Billy says to Stephen.
    It sure was, let's do that again! Only this time I get to be the bad cop.
  6. Join Islam and you'll get seventy virgins in the afterlife Join Oxfam and you'll get Haiti.
  7. I Heard that the Afterlife in Greek Mythology was Pretty Boring. I wonder why Hades didn't liven things up a bit.
  8. Q: How can you tell there's an afterlife for lawyers?
    A: Because after they die, they lie still.
  9. I don't understand why Islamic extremists would blow themselves up for the prospect of getting 72 virgins in the Afterlife Just become a Catholic priest and get it now!
  10. Who did the ghost-boy write to during his trip to ghost-summercamp? There is no afterlife.

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Afterlife One Liners

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  1. In the afterlife, what do people celebrate? Their Urniversary.
  2. Carrie Fisher runs into George Micheal in the afterlife... Wham!
  3. If ball is life, where is the afterlife? Ballhalla
  4. I hope surnames are not preditive of the afterlife For Pete's sake.
  5. John dies and passes away in the afterlife... He kicked the bucket very much off target
  6. I want to go to the afterlife to ask Robin Williams, "How's it hanging?" I'm not sorry.
  7. What did the ancient Egyptians say when they didn't get into the afterlife? d**....

Afterlife joke, What did the ancient Egyptians say when they didn't get into the afterlife?

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Carrie Fisher runs into George Micheal in the afterlife...

She says, "Oh man, I'm a huge fan! I've got every one of your albums except the first one."
He says, "I find your lack of 'Faith' disturbing".

XXXTentacion just beat Taylor Swift's Spotify streaming record

Even in the afterlife, x**... is still beating women

h**... and Stalin walk together in the afterlife

... they stop next two people and h**... tells Stalin: "Let me tell you of my plan: I am going to kill six million Jews and a mechanic.
one of the two people hear this and asks h**... "Why kill the mechanic?"
h**... turns to Stalin and says: "see? I told you nobody cares about the Jews"

Carrie Fisher runs into George Micheal in the afterlife...

Carrie Fisher runs into George Micheal in the afterlife...
She says, "Oh man, I'm a huge fan! I've got every one of your albums except the first one." He says, "I find your lack of 'Faith' disturbing".

My dad died, and I wanted to talk to him in the afterlife.

So I went to a woman who could speak with the dead. I told her my situation, and described my dad. She went into a trance and, after a few moments, said "I'm communing with your father."
Then she smiled, so I punched her.
"What did you do that for?!" she demanded, shocked.
"It's what my dad would have wanted," I told her. "He always said it's important to strike a happy medium."

Afterlife for IRS Cheaters

Tony and his friend John die in a car accident and go to judgment. God tells Tony that because he cheated on his income taxes, the only way he can enter Heaven is to sleep with a s**..., ugly woman for the next five years.
A few days later, as Tony's walking in the park with his s**..., hideous new girlfriend, he spots his friend John with an absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman. "John, what happened?" Tony asks.
"I have no idea," John replies. "I was told I have five years of amazing s**... to look forward to. The only thing I don't understand is why she always yells 'Damn income taxes!' whenever we have s**...."

TIL The chicken crossing the road jokes real meaning

To get to the other side was also a comment on the afterlife, as in the "other side" as in knowing he'd die crossing the road. I'm 37, heard this joke so many times, and not once put this together till now. /mind blown

Karens husband dies...

Karens husband dies. After a few days, she starts missing him, so she buys an Ouija board and contacts her husband.
Karen: Honey, can you listen to me?
Husband: Yes
Karen: Are you happy in afterlife?
Husband: Yes
Karen: Is it better than your life on earth?
Husband: Yes
Karen: Nice. So how's heaven?
Husband: Who said I'm in heaven?

This one is special to me. My grandfather was a jokester all his life. About a month after he died, I had a lucid dream where I was talking to him, and imagined him telling me one last joke:

Me: "Pop pop, what is the afterlife like?"
Him: "It's hot."

What was the s**... bomber greeted by in the afterlife?

A group of 40 other s**... b**....

(OC) A Killer Dies, And Meets His Victim In The Afterlife...

The killer stares awkwardly at the victim, the victim stares back. Unsure what to do, the killer finally says, "Well... This feels pretty tense."
The victim replies, "Oh, we're past tense."

A young boy and his father are looking up at the night sky

The young boy gazes in amazement and then turns to his father.
Dad, where do you think we go when we die?
I believe that when we die our souls join the stars, son.
I've always heard that the afterlife is a gift that not everyone gets.
I'm not sure if it's a gift, but it's definitely a constellation prize.

People ask whether I'll make cheese in my afterlife. I tell them,

There's no whey in h**....

h**..., Stalin, and Napolean are complaining in the afterlife...

h**... whines "if I had Russian oil, I would have flattened Moscow."
Stalin replies "if I had the German Lufftwaffe, I would have taken over all of Europe."
Then Napolean says "if I had Russian and German p**... nobody would know I had lost."
Not a knee-s**..., but it's probably not a repost.

3 Men's Afterlives

Three men get into a horrible car accident, and all three die together. As they are waiting in limbo, they start talking about the Afterlife. As it turns out, one man is Muslim, one man is Buddhist, the last is Christian.
The Muslim says, "I'm going to enjoy my 40 virgins until my wife shows up!"
The Buddhist says, "Reincarnation is going to be a blast.. until I find my wife again."
The Christian man starts laughing, and the others seem puzzled.
"My wife's an athiest."

A man with terminal cancer robbed a bank and was sent to prison.

A fellow inmate asked him, "Why did you commit this crime? You can't take money with you into the afterlife, and now you're going to spend your last days in prison!"
The man replied, "I knew I was going to get caught. That's the point! My doctor gave me six months, but the judge gave me thirty years."

Ancient Egyptians who worked to preserve the Pharaoh for the afterlife are known for having being very good businessmen. In fact, they even invented what we know today as the "return policy."

It was know back then as the "mummy back guarantee..."

2 years ago, my wife and children died in a car accident. I've been so lonely, and it's been too long, so I'm ending it all to be reunited with them in the afterlife.

Seriously, I'm dying to see them.

Afterlife joke, I don't understand why Islamic extremists would blow themselves up for the prospect of getting 72 vi

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