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My Dad got a Chia Obama head a couple of years ago.

The box said he would grow an afro, but nothing changed.

So Europe have the euro....

Why don't Africa have the afro.

What did one leg say to the other leg?

Shorty up there is growing an afro.

What do you call a island shaped like a Afro?

A natural Fromation.

A cat in a rainbow afro wig is driving a train

and things are not going well, he's blowing switches, picking up speed and will almost certainly crash into the town at the bottom of the hill. A police officer sees this hops in her car and chases after the train. Through a daring twist of events the police officer manages to dive onto the train after crashing her car into the river below. When she gets to the engine room she sees the cat is wearing Groucho Marx glasses, and is blowing into a tube that causes its' polka-dotted bow-tie to spin while making a whistle-ish sound. The police officer looks ahead and sees she has only moments to stop the train. Her instincts kick in, she pulls the brake and the train stops inches from crashing into the town and killing thousands.

The moral of the story is a copper is a much better conductor then a silicate.

Which sport is popular among afro americans?


Yo mama so hairy

She got afro tittiesπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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