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  1. I just read in the news that tons of Americans are sending their old clothes to poor people in Africa. Seems like a waste of time in my opinion. I've never seen an African with a 52 inch waist.
  2. How can you tell the difference between an Indian and African elephant? One of them is an elephant
  3. Mexican and African jokes are all pretty much the same.... Once you've heard Juan, you've heard Jamal...
  4. Hillary Clinton lost last time to the first African American president, Barack Obama. Why will she lose this one to Donald Trump? Because orange is the new black.
  5. An African American woman has 5 son's, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, and Tyrone. How do you tell them apart? By their last names.
  6. So an African woman named Betty walked into a butcher and asked if they had beef. The butcher replied "No, Black Betty, ham or lamb."
  7. If two impoverished African nations went into battle against each other... ... Would that be a third-world war?
  8. Why did the three year old African boy buy a red convertible? He was having a midlife crisis.
  9. I'm so proud of my African pen pal. He told me he hasn't had a drink in days. That's the spirit! Keep it up pal.
  10. Did you hear about the bar for West African bookstore workers with anti government views? Liberian Libertarian Librarian Libations

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  1. I met a North African girl the other night, we spoke for hours. We just clicked.
  2. What would happen if two African countries get in a war? A 3rd World War.
  3. What's the difference between an Indian and an African elephant? One's an elephant.
  4. Why did the African 3 year old cry? He was having a mid life crisis
  5. why was the 6 month old African baby crying? It was having a mid life crisis
  6. I met my wife in an African Languages class. We just clicked.
  7. Why don't Africans go on cruises? They're not falling for that one again.
  8. Why was 1 year old African baby crying? It was having a midlife crisis
  9. How do you tell the difference between an Indian and African elephant? One's an elephant.
  10. What do you call five African-Americans born together? Triplets.
  11. I was talking to a hot North African girl for hours. We just clicked
  12. How do you offend an African-American and Chinese person? Make a joke about brack people.
  13. Why does Stephen Hawking date African Americans? Because he loves to study black holes.
  14. Why was the 3 year old African child crying? He was going through a midlife crisis.
  15. they say a camera adds 5 pounds. that being the case, do african children even exist?

Africans joke, they say a camera adds 5 pounds.

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An African man visits his friend in the US

I just flew in yesterday the African man says And boy are my arms tired!
You know, that's kind of an old joke here in America replied his friend.
Joke? The African man said. I've been holding my hands in the air yelling 'don't shoot' ever since I got to this d**... country .

An international school teacher asks a question: "What's your own opinion on food scarcity in other countries?"

**An African student:** What's food?
**A European student:** What's scarcity?
**An American student:** What are 'other countries'?
**A Chinese student:** What's 'my own opinion'?

Two r**... are admiring their firearms.

One says, I keep these around for hunting, home protection, and to defend my 2nd amendment rights. The second says, I just like shooting cans.
That's a lot of firepower just for shooting cans.
Well, there's so many of them: Mexi-cans, Afri-cans, Puerto Ri-cans...

a joke we tell in Ukraine

A russian, a Ukrainian and an African American guys are sitting in the waiting room while their wives give birth.
The nurse comes out with 3 babies and says "sorry guys, they've got mixed up..let's see whose is whose".
The Ukrainian takes a black kid and runs.
They yell "hold on dude!!! That kid is obviously not yours!"
the Ukrainian replied "I don't care I dont want a russian!!!"

The term "Every 60 seconds in Africa..." is really s**...

Everyone knows Africans don't get seconds, they're lucky if they get a single serving.

The U.N. initiates a poll...

The United Nations initiated a poll with the request, "Please tell us your honest opinion about the lack of food in the rest of the world."
The poll was a total failure.
The Russians did not understand "Please". The Italians did not know the word "honest". The Chinese did not know what an "opinion" was. The Europeans did not know "lack", while the Africans did not know "food". Finally, the Americans didn't know anything about the "rest of the world".

I can't believe Prince Harry, who's British royalty, is marrying African American actress Meghan Markle. Why would someone that rich and famous marry an obviously inferior genetic specimen? It's just unthinkable.

Though I suppose if Meghan wants to marry a ginger, it's none of my business.

Four kids walk into an interview...

Four kids walk into an interview. One is American, one is British, one is African, and one is Chinese. The interviewer asks them all the same question: "In your own opinion, what do you think of the scarcity of food in other countries?" The British kid asks "What is scarcity?" The American kid asks "What are other countries?" The African kid asks "What is food?" And the Chinese kid asks "What is my own opinion?"

A man walks into a gun shop.

He looks over the guns until the cashier asks what he wants. The man couldn't decide so the cashier asked, "what are you shooting?" The man said "cans". The cashier asked, "what kind of cans?" The man took a pause, than finally said "oh you know, Americans, Mexicans, Africans."

A Mexican, a Black guy and a White guy are walking down the beach...

They find a bottle and the Mexican guy decides pick it up and rub it. A genie comes out of the bottle and speaks to them and grants them each one wish.
The Mexican guy goes first and says, "I wish that all my Mexican brethren and I could be transported back to our native homeland and we could all be happy there."
The genie grants his wish and p**..., the Mexican guy disappears.
Now it's the black guy's turn. He says, "I wish that all my African brothers and I could all go back to our motherland and be happy, prosperous and free."
The genie grants his wish and p**..., the Black guy disappears.
Now it's the white guy's turn.
The white guy pauses for a moment, scratches his head and says "Are you telling me that all the b**... and Mexicans are gone from America?
The genie nods his head and says yes.
The white guy makes up his mind and says, "Ok, well i'll have a Coke, thanks."

What's the difference between a South African prison and Leonardo Dicaprio?

A South African prison has an Oscar

Africans joke, What's the difference between a South African prison and Leonardo Dicaprio?

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