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How do you offend an African-American and Chinese person?

Make a joke about brack people.

An African-American lady called Betty came into my restaurant.

She proceeded to look at the menu for about half an hour before asking "Is there any chicken on the menu?"

Exasperated I replied "No black Betty, it's ham or lamb."

The only way to know if a jokes is actually funny is to tell it to an African-American.

Black laughs matter.

My African-American friend hooked up with a girl from Thailand...

It was a real black-Thai affair.

I was arrested for punching an elderly African-American lady at Home Depot.

My wife told me to find a Black N' Decker.

An ethnically diverse group of people are doing something…

An African-American, a Mexican-American, Jewish-American, and a white man are walking along the beach in Florida. One of them stumbles over a lamp and as he picks it up, a genie appears. The genie thanks them from freeing him from the lamp and offers them each a wish. The African-American says, "My native land has suffered from all the people stolen away by slavery. I wish for all my people to be returned to Africa to start a new age of African success." As he finishes speaking, poof, he is gone. The Mexican-American is inspired and says, "My native land has suffered from all the people run out by the cartels and corruption. I wish for all my people to be returned to Mexico to start a new age of Mexican success." As he finishes speaking, poof, he is gone. The Jewish-American feels the same way and says, "My native land has had my people chased out for thousands of years. I wish for all my people to be returned to Israel to start a new age of Israeli success." As he finishes speaking, poof, he is gone. The white guy is clearly taken aback with all that has happened. He says, "Let me get this straight, all the black, mexicans, and jews are gone? Lemme get a diet coke."

The Kindergartener's Question

Johnny walked up to his kindergarten teacher with an inquisitive look in his eyes. "Do you know where the blackβ€”" Johnny asked, to the teacher's retort. "Johnny! Say African-American!"

"Do you know where the African-American construction paper is?"

Why was I arrested for only 1 year with a $5,000 fine after killing an unarmed African-American man?

On charges of "impersonating a police officer".

So one day a guy walks in a bar

and sits next to his friends, after a few drinks he needs to go to the bathroom and he goes for the urinal next to an african-american man, when he was finishing he sees the other man's thing and asks: "how do you guys get it that big ?" to which the man replys: " we hit it to concrete everyday " with a mocking manner, time passes and after 1 month they are in the same bar again and they came across each other in the urinals, The african-American man asks the other dude if he used the technique that he advised him. To which the other dude replys: "I was able to give it the color, but there is no change with the size."

I hate how we have to be politically correct at the office. My boss said we shouldn't use the term "black" because it's not very professional.

So during coffee break, I asked him: *"How African-American do you like your coffee?"*

What do you call a four-legged, three-eyed, mute, deaf, transgender, African-American, handicapped, eunuch, cancer-riddled, rich, thrice-divorced, tired, fashionable, pansexual, elderly factory worker?

I don't know.

I got arrested after I asked the blacksmith for an assortment of murder tools.

They say I'm racist and should say African-American smith instead.

Why do some African-Americans have afros?

Because it's in their hairitage

What do you call an African-American trans woman with a screwdriver in her head?

An ambulance.

What does an African-American say after losing a race with the police?

They beat me to it.

What do you call an African-American California Highway Patrol Officer?

A Chocolate CHiP.

What does an African-American Soldier tells her wife when he suddenly gets called to serve his country?

Call Of Duty : Black OUT!

Why couldn't the African-American get his PhD?

Because he couldn't get past his masters...

What do African-Americans and Jews have in common?

An increased risk for pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

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