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An African-American lady called Betty came into my restaurant.

She proceeded to look at the menu for about half an hour before asking "Is there any chicken on the menu?"

Exasperated I replied "No black Betty, it's ham or lamb."

My African-American friend hooked up with a girl from Thailand...

It was a real black-Thai affair.

Why do some African-Americans have afros?

Because it's in their hairitage

What does an African-American say after losing a race with the police?

They beat me to it.

Why couldn't the African-American get his PhD?

Because he couldn't get past his masters...

What does an African-American Soldier tells her wife when he suddenly gets called to serve his country?

Call Of Duty : Black OUT!

What is an African-American man's least favourite TV show?

Robot Wars.

What do African-Americans and Jews have in common?

An increased risk for pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

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