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Funniest African Food Short Jokes

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  1. I heard someone compare African countries to trashcans I don't think that's a good comparison. My trashcan has food in it.
  2. In Lomé, the capital of a small African country, there are no sit-down restaurants. All the food is Togo.
  3. I am throwing an African themed party tonight... ... there is no food and drinks are 12 miles away.
  4. My friend asked me what kind of restaurant I was opening ... I said African. The food cost would be next to nothing.
  5. I went to the African exhibit at my local zoo. I knew it was fake when I saw all of the people walking around with food.
  6. I told my girlfriend that I made traditional African food She was really surprised when I handed her an empty plate
  7. Why does an African kid have a bloated stomach and thin arms? Too much food, not enough work.

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African Food One Liners

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  1. Ever tried African food? Neither have they.
  2. How do you start an African rave? Staple food to the ceiling.
  3. Have you eaten African food before??? No? Neither have they.
  4. Where do African cannibals get their food from?
  5. Have you tried african food? -No.
    -They haven't tried it either.
  6. Africans having food Jk they only have malaria and aids
  7. What do Africans do to buy food ? Take loans.
  8. If two negatives make a positive... Then does an African communist have food?
  9. How do you starve an African American? Hide his food stamps under his work boots!
  10. Do you know what African food tastes like? African children don't either.

African Food Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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An international school teacher asks a question: "What's your own opinion on food scarcity in other countries?"

**An African student:** What's food?
**A European student:** What's scarcity?
**An American student:** What are 'other countries'?
**A Chinese student:** What's 'my own opinion'?

The U.N. initiates a poll...

The United Nations initiated a poll with the request, "Please tell us your honest opinion about the lack of food in the rest of the world."
The poll was a total failure.
The Russians did not understand "Please". The Italians did not know the word "honest". The Chinese did not know what an "opinion" was. The Europeans did not know "lack", while the Africans did not know "food". Finally, the Americans didn't know anything about the "rest of the world".

Four kids walk into an interview...

Four kids walk into an interview. One is American, one is British, one is African, and one is Chinese. The interviewer asks them all the same question: "In your own opinion, what do you think of the scarcity of food in other countries?" The British kid asks "What is scarcity?" The American kid asks "What are other countries?" The African kid asks "What is food?" And the Chinese kid asks "What is my own opinion?"

An international conference was being held..

In which USA, North Korea, Europe and Africa were taking part.
The judge said,"I would like to hear your opinions about shortage of food in the rest of the world, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us".
African president asked, "What is food?".
Europe asked, "What is Short?".
USA asked, "What is the rest of the world?".
North Korea asked, "What is Opinion?".

An International School Teacher

...starts a lesson with her 4 students, who are an American kid, an African kid, a European kid and a Chinese kid. She asks "what's your opinion on food scarcity in other countries?"
first, the African kid asks "what's food?"
the European kid asks "what's scarcity?"
the American kid asks "what's other countries?"
and finally the Chinese kid asks "what's my own opinion?"

An international school teacher asks: What's your own honest opinion on food scarcity in other countries?

An African student responds: What's food?
A Western European student: What's scarcity?
An Eastern European student: What's honest?
A Chinese student: What's opinion?
A Russian student: What's your?
An American student: What's other countries?

So a teacher asks his class the question...

"What's your opinion on donating food to foreign countries?" The African student says, "What's food?" The Indian student says, "What's donating?" The American student says, " What's foreign countries?" And the Chinese student says, "What's my opinion?"

The UN recently published the results of a poll. The topic was: "Please truthfully give your opinion on food shortage in the rest of the world."

Europeans requested explanation of the term "shortage".
Africans asked what "food" is.
Chinese inquired about the term "opinion".
Americans wondered what "rest of the world" might possibly mean.
And in Italy they are still discussing the meaning of the term "truthfully".

A teacher at an international school...

asks her class what their opinion is on giving food to people in other countries.
The Jewish kid asks "What is giving?"
The African kid asks "What is food?"
The Chinese kid asks "What is my opinion?"
And the American kid asks "What are other countries?"

There was an Arabian, African, European, and an American sitting together at a table...

A guy comes up to them and asks: What is your opinion on lack of food for the poor in the rest of the world?
The Arabian says: What is an opinion?
The African says: What is food?
The European says: What is poor?
The American says: What is the rest of the world?

Historians now think that Gandhi wasn't starving himself in protest

Although he did not eat for long periods of time, which may look like fasting, It it now hypothesized that he was just trying African food.

An American, African, Middle-Eastern person, and European are asked a question:

"What is your opinion of the food shortages in the rest of the world?"
The African says, "What's 'food'?"
The European says, "What's a 'shortage'?"
The American says, "What's 'the rest of the world'?"
The Middle-Eastern person says, "What's an 'opinion'?"

The grace of the hunt

Two brothers, who are hunters, get invited to a very famous Hunting club by their father. Once there, they mingle with the members and have an awesome time. Tons of drinking, lots of stories about big game hunting. As the night was nearing it's end, the young men's father asks them if they would be interested in speaking to the club's oldest member, and they, of course, jump at the opportunity. Their father points them to a very frail looking elderly man sitting in a recliner. The young men introduce them selves, tell the old man some of their stories, and all three of them clearly enjoy each other's company. Just as the young brother's were about to leave, the old man starts to tell them his greatest story.
" I was hunting alone in the African wilderness. I found myself with no food, water or shelter. As the day was coming to an end, i barely managed to gather enough wood for a fire. I start to doze off with my rifle in hand, when i hear a rustling sound behind me. I jump to my feet and, just as i turn around, a 600 pound, male lion jumps out at me and lets out a great big ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! And, i just crapped my pants"
The young hunters look at one another. Finally, one of them says " I mean, sir. Given the circumstances anyone would have done so".
"NO!" the old man replies, "Not then, just now when i said ROOOOOOAAARRRR!!!"

So, a blonde, an asian, and an african american are at lunch at school

The blonde opens up her lunch box and sees a PB&J. She exclaims "If I get PB&J one more time I'm going to kill myself."
The asian girl opens her lunch box and sees rice. She says "If I get rice more time I'm going to kill myself."
The african american girl opens her lunch box and sees chicken. She goes "If I get chicken one more time, I'm going to kill myself."
The next day they're all at lunch and the same thing happens, only they all kill themselves once they've opened they're lunch box and see the same food.
The asian girls parents cry "If only we didn't pack her rice for lunch again!"
The african american girls parents cry "If only we didn't pack her chicken again!"
The blonde girls parents look puzzled and say "I don't know what her problem was, she packed her own lunch."