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  1. I was confused why there are so many stories about vampires in Europe, but not in Africa. Then I remembered that vampires are killed by holy water.
    They bless the rain down in Africa.
  2. I always wondered why you hear stories of vampires in Europe but never Africa. Then I remembered vampires are killed by holy water, and they bless the rain down in Africa
  3. I was wondering why there were so many stories about vampires in Europe, but not in Africa, and than I realized Vampires are killed by Holy water... They blessed the rains down in Africa.
  4. I always feel bad for the kids in africa when I waste water.. And when I leave the oven on, I feel bad for the jews.
  5. Why are there so many vampires in Europe and not in Africa? Vampires are killed with holy water and they bless the rains down in Africa.
  6. My friend in Africa was complaining about the lack of drinking water in his village. So I sent him a Get Well Soon card.
  7. What are there no vampires in Africa Because vampires die from holy water , and we blessed the rains down in Africa
  8. How do you get 1 billion followers instantly? You run through Africa with a bottle of clean water.
  9. You jerks sit here making your dumb pun jokes, while people in Africa don't even have drinking water Well Water; Uganda Due
  10. Darkhumour How can u get 11 million followers?
    U run trough Africa with a glass of water.

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Africa Water One Liners

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  1. Drinking water in africa hashtag nofilter
  2. How do you get 11 million followers? Walk with a bottle of water in Africa.
  3. How do you get 11 million followers Run thorugh africa holding a bottle of water
  4. How to get 10 million followers instantly Take a water bottle and run through Africa
  5. Did you know the w in Africa stands for water? There is no w in Africa.
  6. What does the W in Africa stand for? Water
  7. What Game on the App Store is not available in Africa? Where's my Water.
  8. What is the opposite of gay water? Africa by Toto
  9. How did the Ethiopian priest make holy water? He blessed the rains down in Africa.
  10. The W in Africa means Water
  11. Why is the Nile River filled with holy water? People keep blessing the rains in Africa.
  12. They gave people in Africa iPads The only game on there is Where's My Water?
  13. Why can't black people swim? Because there is no water in Africa.

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Two missionaries in Africa were apprehended by a tribe of very hostile cannibals who put them in a large p**... of water, built a huge fire under it, and left them there.
A few minutes later, one of the missionaries started to laugh uncontrollably.
The other m**... couldn't believe it! He said, "What's wrong with you? We're being boiled alive! They're gonna eat us! What could possibly be funny at a time like this?"
The other m**... replied, "I just peed in the soup!"

Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa

An Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The head of expedition, a prominent Russian scientist, Artem Pizdobolov, have bad news and good news to tell his comrades. First the bad news, he said. We run out of food and water. There left only camel's dung. Tell us a good news fellow travelers asked in desperation. The good new is that we have that camel dung in abundance.

Close enough

Teacher ask the class , which animal lives in India and Africa with a long nose and loves water, a kid answers the Hippopotamus.
The elephant , close enough but i like the way you think.
He asks again,which animal lives in Africa has a long neck and feathers?
A kid answers giraffe!
the ostrich, close enough, but i like the way you think.
Little Johny raises his hand , the teachers asks him what?
I have something in my pants, long with a round red head.
You are expelled from class!
Close enough,it's a Match, but i like the way you think.

Rest in pace boiling water...

You have always been missed.
people from Africa.

What is something people do in America that is a joke, but is a death sentence in Africa?

Throw water in someones face.

£5 per month can supply a whole village in Africa with water.

Yet I'm paying £30 per month for just me!

Since Vampires are supposedly hurt by holy water, I always wondered why priests don't just say a prayer over every storm cloud, kill the vampires from above. Then I realized why so many Vampires are from Europe...

Someone already blessed the rains down in Africa

If vampires are hurt by holy water, why don't priests just bless a storm cloud to kill vampires everywhere? But then I remembered why so many vampires are from Europe...

Someone already blessed the rains down in Africa.

A tourist in London was throwing bread to some ducks in a pond...

when a local woman approached him looking rather upset. She asked him how he could throw bread in the water for ducks when there were starving children in Africa? Wasn't it obvious that they could use that bread more than the ducks?
The man stood there for a short moment and responded to the woman saying, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I can't throw that far."

The water problem in Africa is like someone put a sponge block from Minecraft in the stream.

The internet has come so far these days

That I have more options in more than there are watering holes in africa

What do you call a large, grey, water-dwelling mammal from Africa that swears a lot?

A hippopottymouth

Since vampires are hurt by holy water, I always wondered why Priests don't bless storm clouds and kill them from above. Then I realized why most vampires live in Europe

Someone already blessed the rains down in Africa

I was wondering why there are so many stories about vampires in Europe but not in África. Then i realised vampires are killed by holy water.

They bless the rains down in Africa .
Credits to u/Josh1804

A Couple on their Honeymoon decided to take a trip to Africa. While walking in the countryside, they saw a beautiful lake...

There was a little boy who was standing by the bank, enjoying himself. The couple approached him and asked if it was safe to go into the water, if there were any sharks in the lake. The boy said no and went back to playing.
The couple jumped into the lake but after awhile felt uncomfortable so got out and asked the boy again if he was sure there were no sharks.
The boy, looking at the couple, a little irritated now, said: Believe me, Sharks don't come where there are Crocodiles.

Medical science has come a long way.

There's a tribe in Africa whose exposure to chemical runoff in the water from local mines created birth defects. One out of every three children are born with no eyelids. Volunteer doctors created a procedure where they take the f**... from new born males and create eyelids for those born without them. The procedure has been highly successful, although the children do look a little cockeyed.

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