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"Okay Fred, Shaggy and Daphne, can you name an animal that lives in africa and has a large horn on its face?"

"We know you know the answer, s**..., but it's not your turn."

What is the most difficult animal to hunt in Africa?

The Polar bear.

An African and a parrot went to a tavern

they ask for a beer...
and the Barman asks: where did you find this animal?
and the Parrot responds: In Africa.

Why don't animals play poker in Africa? Because they're cheetahs.

Where do animals in sub-Saharan Africa do their PhD research?

The Hippo Campus.

When Chuck Norris visits Africa, the animals are required to stay in their cars.

Q: Where can you find the biggest amount of the largest sized women's l**.

.. in the world?
A: In Africa: there's thousands of Z bras.

A man is on a photo safari in Africa.

He finds an elephant in distress, lying in the bushes. Upon inspection, he finds that the elephant has a large, sharp rock embedded in the bottom of its foot. He carefully pulls the rock free, and the elephant gets up and saunters away.
Almost a decade later he is back in his home town when a circus is visiting and they put on a parade. The man is watching all of the animals go past, when he notices, and makes eye contact with a large African elephant. The elephant immediately turns toward the man, picks him up in its trunk, slams him on the pavement and then stomps the life out of him.
Different elephant.

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