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When is a game not a game?

When it's afoot.

Ordered a Sherlock Holmes game online...

Received a podiatric prosthesis instead...

Must unravel this strange mystery.

The game is afoot.

A Legend is afoot

Sorry, let me say that again: A Leg-end is a foot

Afoot joke, A Legend is afoot

I've often found that shoe salesmen make quite good detectives...

They always know when something is afoot.

A serial killer leaves his mark on his victims by cutting off their left hand and right leg.

Authorities say something sinister is afoot.

A friend of mine sent me a ruler exactly 30.48 centimeters long

That's when I realized, something was afoot

Somethings afoot

My wife asked if she could count the digits on my feet..

Toe-tally , I replied

Afoot joke, Somethings afoot

A farmer in Utah allegedly stomped on a group of chickens during their evening game of kickball

The police suspect foul play was afoot

If Quentin Tarantino made a detective mystery movie, what would it be called?

Something is Afoot

Be careful of shoe thieves

I hear they're afoot.

I showed up at work with only one shoe on

That is when I noticed something was afoot

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I don't trust my friend's southern fried chicken recipe, and that last mouthful was suspiciously crunchy.

Something's afoot.

I dont trust my toes.

They always have something afoot.

Why did the man cross the street when he saw the chicken foot?

Because he suspected fowl play was afoot!

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