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The Best jokes about Aflat

What chord does a piano make when it drops on a child?

...A-flat minor

E-Flat, A-Flat, and B-Flat walk into a bar..

..the bartender says, "Get lost, kids. We don't serve minors."

If you show me a piano falling down a mine shaft...

I'll show you Aflat minor.

What sound is made if a piano falls down a mineshaft?

A-flat minor

Did you hear about the mechanic who had perfect pitch?

He could always tell when a-flat rolled into the shop.

Yes i do come from a musical household i live in...


I'm currently writing a musical about diggers trapped in a mine.

I think it's gonna be in the key of A-flat minor.

What's the greatest fear of a pianist that has children and lives next to a road?

A-flat minor.

What sound does a piano make when falling down a mine shaft?

A-flat minor.

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