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The CIA found evidence that Osama Bin Laden had downloaded a lot of videos about how to crochet

Turns out he was trying to replace all those lost afghans

Back in 1996, Afghanistan was very different.

You see, the only numerical system that Afghanistan used was the tally mark system. That meant that Afghans only counted things in tally marks. This was quite problematic because many people didn't know how to use tally marks correctly. Many mistakes were made and there was generally a lot of confusion. Chaos ensued quickly. The Afghan government had to do something and fast. What it ended up doing was banning all use of tally marks in the country. And that was the origin of the infamous Tally Ban.

Why do all Afghans carry a piece of sandpaper?

Because they need a map

How could the Afghans defeat the Soviet forces?

They Afghans from USA

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