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How did I get out of Afghanistan?


Why aren't there any Wal-Mart's in Afghanistan?

Because they are all Target's!

What did the Afghanistan government say after the American military left?


Afghanistan is sending 1200 troops to Washington D.C.

on a mission to secure the fragile democracy.

My friend wanted to smoke some afghani weed with me

But i said no, because, from what i heard, people in afghanistan get stoned TO DEATH

[not mine]

I don't smoke afghani weed,

Because people in Afghanistan get stoned to death.

Why are there no TV's in Afghanistan?

Because of the Teleban.

Afghani joke, Why are there no TV's in Afghanistan?

Abdul the Afghani

Abdul the Afghani is walking through the mountains with his wife in front of him. He meets his imam going in the opposite direction.

"Abdul, have you read the Koran? It says the wife should always walk behind her husband," the imam says.

"When the Koran was written, there were no minefields." He then yells to his wife, "keep going, Fatima!"

Whats the differebce between an Afghani Military Base and a Pakistani Elementary School?

I don't know, I just fly the drone.

why was the Afghani dude searching for a child specialist?

His wife was ill.

How do you clear out an Afghani bingo game..?

Call B52!!

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What does the p in Afghanistan stand for.............................................................................................. PEACE.

How did he get from Afghanistan to Iraq?

Iran (He ran).

Thought of this when looking at the world map, sorry that it's terrible.

We usually yell "Oh God". Do you know what many Afghani boys scream out loud, when they have sex?

"Aahista, Plaar... Aahista"

(Pashto) roughly translates as: "Slowly, Papa... slowly"

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