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90's kids won't get this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Affordable housing prices

What's the difference between a Texas energy company and a Dumpster Fire?

A Dumpster Fire creates affordable light and heat.

So they finally made an affordable and functional jetpack

The sales are through the roof

Affordable joke, So they finally made an affordable and functional jetpack

In an attempt to help the less fortunate, I want to start a charity where people can donate their lightly used weaponry, whether they be guns, knives, tanks, etc so that the poor and disabled can have a sense of security while living on the streets at an affordable price

It could be called the Goodkill

I was wondering the other day...

I was wondering the other day what our parents must have done for entertainment before television was popular and affordable. I asked my 38 brothers and sisters if they had any ideas, but none of them could suggest an answer either.

What do you say when you find a nice, affordable apartment?


I took my grandma to fish spa. Everyone freaked out!

But in my defense, it's more affordable than cremation.

Affordable joke, I took my grandma to fish spa. Everyone freaked out!

I was going to tell a joke about affordable public healthcare...

But Americans wouldn't get it.

Republicans might be worried that the "repeal and replace" failed...

But it's okay; burns are covered by the Affordable Care Act.

I'd be able to find affordable glasses...

In an eye deal world.

Ford Ibble

A car salesman asked me, "What are you looking for in a car?"

I said, "It has to be affordable"

He said, "I'm sorry sir, I've never heard of a Ford Ibble."

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Why are Ford cars so popular?

Because they are affordable.

What's the difference between Kathleen Wynne and a dumpster fire?

A dumpster fire produces affordable light and heat.

Anyone know of an escort service that offers an affordable bj?

My hatchback has been harder to stop lately.

We should MAGA

Let's start with:

-affordable healthcare

-reasonable gun laws

-liveable minimum wages

Apparently, an Apple computer, built by Steve Jobs in his garage in 1976, sold for nearly $1 million...

Which makes it the most affordable Apple product currently on the market...

Affordable joke, Apparently, an Apple computer, built by Steve Jobs in his garage in 1976, sold for nearly $1 million

[ShowerThought] If George Bush had Affordable Healhcare Act

Would it have been called Bushcare?

Did you know BMW's don't have turn signals?

That's how they make them so affordable.

New beer at Tesco

Tesco have announced that they will be adding a new beer to their value real ale range.
Alongside the affordable Simply Golden Ale and the inexpensive Simply Dark, they're adding Simply Red, for when money's too tight to mention.

I agree that people shouldn't kill themselves but...

...At the same time it's so hard to find a professional to do it for you, especially at an affordable price. So I can see why they do it.

Tesla's building a barebones musclecar that more affordable than the roadster...

They're calling it The MuskTang.

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