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Tom Hanks walks into WB studios

Tom Hanks walks into the WB studios and enters one of the many conference rooms.
As he sits down for the read -through, he notices his fellow peers sitting at the table Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill's mustache, Gal Gadot and a couple of other people he was he was only vaguely familiar with. He picks up the script, looks at the first page and throws it back down on the table.
He throws his hands up and says, "I'd like a word with the director please. "
At this point, Zak Snyder steps out with him and asks, "What's the problem,Tom?".
Tom just looks at him and says, " I can't be in a movie with these guys, they're in a league of their own."

Since Ben Affleck has played Daredevil and Batman

Does that make him blind as a bat?

Bill: Ain't there someone else ya'll should be Weinstein yo' time on?

Harvey: Open bathrobes are just roomy, you know… Spacey.

Kevin: I choose to live as a gay man, so no woman can accuse me of Rattner out.

Brett: Hey, when I see a beautiful woman, I just Singer praises.

Bryan: Move along, no one gives Affleck about me.

Ben: Mine was just a little mistake. You need something at least a Sizemore.

Tom: It wasn't me! It was all Cosby drugs, man!

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