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After many years of philosophizing, I have decided to affirm the principle of non-contradiction...

...And deny it.

Affirmation or irony?


Communist Russia and Santa

There is a couple walking in communist Russia. However, they aren't communists themselves. The two (Ken and Jen) are debating over whether it's raining or snowing.
"It's totally snowing." Says Ken.
"No, this is definitely rain..." Jen remarks.
The two see their friend Rudolph, a communist. He has never been wrong about the weather before. They ask him what the weather is.
Quickly, he says "I can affirm that it's raining, friends."
"Ha!" Says Jen.
"B-b-but!" Ken mutters, trying to keep his composure.
"Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear." Jen remarks.

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