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Did you hear about the guy who has an affinity for burn victims?

I guess you could say he's into carbon dating

What type of investment do chemists prefer?

They have an affinity for bonds.

There once lived a puma (mountain lion) in LA.

This particular cat never really identified herself as a puma, she really felt a closer affinity towards tigers. Being in LA, she convinced herself she could chase her dreams and set off on a journey to find herself and realise her identity.

After swimming across the seven seas, she finally got to India and roamed about the Sunderbans looking for a royal Bengal tiger. When she finally met one, she made her case, pleading the tiger to accept her as a part of the community and promising that she'd be a great tiger.

The tiger, a majestic male, thought about it for a few moments and said,

"No. You'll have to earn your stripes."

Achilles had an affinity for large breed dogs

Mostly because he couldn't stand ankle bitters.

Army doc says I'm no longer fit for combat due to falling in love with with soldiers on both sides.

He says I'm suffering from an *Affinity War.*

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