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A German Tourist is on holiday and needed to buy some deoderant.

So he walks into a chemist and says "I vould like to buy ze deoderant."
Chemist says: "Ball or aerosol?"
Tourist: "No, I vant it for my armpits!"

My New Year's resolution is to stop using aerosol deodorants

Roll on 2018

The political stance of every aerosol can.

Is always going to be pro-pelent.

I asked a chemist

"Where's the deoderant?
"Ball or aerosol," he asked.
"No," I said, "it's for my armpits."

A swede is looking to buy some deodorant

He goes into the store and is asked would you like ball or aerosol?
Taken aback he replies I would like armpit..

Swedish Chemist's Shop

(Imagine the Swedish accents)
A man goes into a Swedish chemists shop.
The assistant says, Good morning sir, how may I help you today?"
The customer says, "I'd like to buy a deodorant please."
"Certainly sir. Ball or aerosol?"
The customer replies, "No, I'd like it for my armpits."

A Swedish man goes into a store

I would like a deodorant, please
The store manager replies ball or aerosol?
And the Swedish man replies What? It's for my armpits.

What did the hamster say when he killed the aerosol can in a furious rage?

Die! odor rant!

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