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A very nervous woman on her first Aeroplane flight, asked the stewardess, how often do planes crash?

Stewardess replies.

Only once..

Hypocritical People

People are so hypocritical these days! The other day I went into a library, started screaming and shouting and everyone told me to shut up.

Then, later on, when I did the same thing on an aeroplane, everyone joined in!

Why wasn't the aeroplane invented in China?

Because two Wongs don't make a Wright.

My paper aeroplane won't fly.

It's completely stationery.

It's strange isn't it

It's strange isn't it, you stand in a library and go "Aaaaaargh" and everyone stares at you. Do the same thing on an aeroplane and everyone joins in.

How did Osama Bin Laden feed his kids (OC)

Here comes the aeroplane...

Make me feel like a woman one last time

The pilot of an aeroplane announces they're about to crash and there is no sign of hope. Upon hearing this a beautiful young woman stands up from her seat and yells "Is there anybody man enough to make me feel like a woman one last time?" To which a man stands up, rips off his shirt and yells "Here, iron this!"

Aeroplane joke, Make me feel like a woman one last time

An Aeroplane asks a Rocket

An Aeroplane asks a Rocket
How is that you can fly so fast?
The Rocket replies you will know the pain
when they put fire at your back!

How do you feed a skyscraper?

"Here comes the aeroplane!"

I sat next to a smoking-hot thai woman on an aeroplane once...

I thought to myself.... *"please don't get an erection, please don't get an erection...."*

And then she did.

What do you call a balding aeroplane?

A receding airline.

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My wife just gave birth to our son on an aeroplane!

He was airborne

What noise does a aeroplane make when it bounces?


Did you hear the joke about the aeroplane?

Eh. It would probably go over your head.

A man came up to me today and said "I've invented an aeroplane without wings"

I thought, that'll never take off

What do you call a rapper that's also an aeroplane?


Aeroplane joke, What do you call a rapper that's also an aeroplane?

What type of aeroplane is a part time rapper?


What do you call a black man that drives an aeroplane?

A pilot, you rascist bastards!

I have the ability to jump out of an aeroplane, mid-air and without a parachute.


I masturbated on a aeroplane

I called it "highjacking"

I know understand why Americans spell aluminium, aeroplane and colour different to the British...

They were saving up to give the WHO an I.O.U

I once tried launching an aeroplane business.

It never took off.

I'm making a new documentary series on how to fly an aeroplane

We're currently filming the pilot

Two wrongs don't make a right

But two wrights make an aeroplane

I want to tell you an aeroplane joke.

But I'm afraid it will go over your head.

Aeroplane jokes tend to go right over my head.

But submarine jokes are beneath me.

Aeroplane joke, Aeroplane jokes tend to go right over my head.

I've designed an aeroplane made entirely from rubber, so if it crashed, it would bounce

It's a boing 747

Isn't it amazing that the French had the Flying Buttress in the 1400s

but could not produce a flying aeroplane till the late 1800s.

I just got off an aeroplane piloted by an all female flight crew.

It was an unmanned aircraft.

"What do we want?" "Random aeroplane noises!" "When do we want them?"


Accountant and an Aeroplane

What do you get when you cross an accountant and an aeroplane?

A Boreing 747

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