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According to fellow band members, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler handles a pen very femininely. Rumour has it he doodles like a lady.

How many aerobics instructors does it take to change a light bulb?

five... six... seven... eight!

Aeroplane jokes tend to go right over my head.

But submarine jokes are beneath me.

How Many Aerospace Engineers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Although the exact number is a closely held state secret requiring level 5 security clearance, I can assure you, that for $50,000, it *can* be done.

I want to tell you an aeroplane joke.

But I'm afraid it will go over your head.

I just got off an aeroplane piloted by an all female flight crew.

It was an unmanned aircraft.

Why do Aerospace Engineers prefer going to the gym instead of cross-dressing?

They want to prioritize Lift over Drag

I'm an aerospace engineer.

I'm an aerospace engineer. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "it IS rocket science..." it still wouldn't be as much as my salary. Take that liberal arts majors.

Why are aerospace engineers so transphobic?

They're constantly trying to reduce drag.

Why wasn't the aeroplane invented in China?

Because two Wongs don't make a Wright.

In 2017 I caught up with the coffee world and bought a french press and an aero press

I finally caught up and now I have to buy a godamn negative press for my covfefe.

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An Aeroplane asks a Rocket

An Aeroplane asks a Rocket
How is that you can fly so fast?
The Rocket replies you will know the pain
when they put fire at your back!

What's the different between an Aerophobic and a terrorist?

Only of one of them is relieved when the plane safely lands.

What did the aeronaut do to reason with his fellow inmate?

he apollogized.

Aerogels are the world's lightest solid

The world's second lightest is my wallet.

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