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I don't know why Marvel hasn't tried to put advertisements on the Hulk

He's essentially a giant banner

Why don't they put advertisements on the Hulk?

He's basically a huge banner.

I cannot understanf why Marvel haven't put advertisements on the Hulk...

... He is essentially a giant banner


Adblock has been so useful getting rid of advertisements, but for some reason all the single ladies in my area stopped wanting me

Google really does spy on us

This is why I don't trust smartphones. My friend and I were talking about repairing his roof over the next week, because the recent storm took off a few portions. The next day I saw advertisements all over Facebook telling me there are hot shingles in my area looking to get nailed.

If you google about fish

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But if you google about fish just once, you'll see advertisements about fishing for the rest of your days.

I just heard that Budweiser is suing Stella Artois for casting Sarah Jessica Parker in their Super Bowl LIII ad.

Apparently they have a trademark on beer advertisements starring a horse.

Sex toy companies should target their advertisements at virgins.

It's an untapped market.

Why do marketers in the human body employ meiosis over mitosis when making their advertisements

Because sex cells!

Boss: Okay guys, we need to think up a name for large advertisements that can be posted along highways...

Bob: Hey, how about Bobboards!

Bill: Hold on, I think I have a better idea...

What's the difference between a tabloid and a storybook?

The storybook doesn't have advertisements.

At college football games, there's advertisements everywhere. Companies love presenting moments of the game.

Though it was ironic seeing Planned Parenthood presenting the "Delivery of the Game."

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