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A party of adventurers walk into a tavern

fully armed and sit down at a table. The bartender comes over and asks, "Hey, why do you guys have your weapons ready?"

The party leader replies, "Mimics."

The bartender laughs.

The party laughs.

The table laughs.

b**... b**...

Two adventurers were captured by a tribe in the jungle.
The chief asked the first one: "Decide your fate: Death or b**... b**..."
He answered: "I choose b**... b**..." and was r**... by the whole tribe.
So the chief asked the second adventurer: "Death or b**... b**...".
He answered: "I choose death"
The chief: "Well, so it shall be. Death by b**... b**...!"

A group of adventurers walked into a bar.

"You can't bring your weapons in here!" the bartender yelled. "Why would you want to, anyways?"

"Mimics," the group's leader responded. "You can never be too careful."

After a moment, the bartender laughed, slowly followed by the rests of the group. "How ridiculous!" they all said.

"Ridiculous indeed!" said the nearby table.

Beauty and charm of British women

Beauty and charm of British women made the best sailors, explorers and adventurers from British men.

A group of adventurers and i walk into a bar

"what's with the swords" asks the bartender

"Mimics" I reply

We laugh, the bartender laughs, the table laughed, we killed the table it was a good night

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