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Who's seen the movie "Up"?

The moral is that you can't have a real adventure until your wife dies.

The internet is like a choose your own adventure game

Where every adventure ultimately ends with me masturbating

I made up a dance about an old guy and a kid going on an adventure and asked everyone to name the movie it's based on.

Someone just guessed it. The jig is Up.

Adventure joke, I made up a dance about an old guy and a kid going on an adventure and asked everyone to name the mo

What do you call an underwater adventure with a Great Dane?


The City Slicker and The Farmer

**City Slicker:** There sure are a lot of flies around here. Don't you ever shoo them?

**Farmer:** No. we just let them go barefoot.


^*From ^the ^epic ^fantasy ^adventure ^novel ^Silly ^Summertime ^Jokes*

Adventures Of Pedo-Sherlock

How would you like your school girls today, Mr. Holmes?

-Elementary, my dear Watson.

A man grows tired of his relationship with his wife

On their 25th anniversary, the man planned a vacation trip.

Man: Let's go on a vacation, just the two of us.

Wife: (gets exited) Really? Where are we going?

Man: How about an adventure in the jungles of Africa?

Wife: That would be really nice! What about on our 50th?

Man: I'll come back for you.

Adventure joke, A man grows tired of his relationship with his wife

I couldn't understand why so many people liked Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 5. Most of the lines aren't even delivered that well. But then it hit me...

It's not delivery, it's Giorno.

I used to be an Adventurer like you...

...But then I got rereleased 7 times in 6 years.

Women can't say no to three things;

Shoes, bags, chocolate, diamonds, clothes, perfume, food, flowers, money, cosmetics, attention, romance, kindness, adventure, affection, unpredictability, confidence, humor, ice cream, shopping, free drinks..

My son went on a camping adventure with the Boy Scouts group

He told me it was in tents.

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Donald Trump is writing a children's book about running for President

He's going to title it, "Marco's Little Adventure"

We were two feet off the ground as we bounced vigorously

'Faster!' she screamed, as we got dirtier and dirtier

But then to my dismay, the rubber tore

Still, it was easy to change the tyre and we enjoyed the rest of the off-roading adventure

I used to be an adventurer like you

But then I took crippling adult responsibilities.

Nan 'n' Fran

**Nan:** What part of a fish weighs the most?

**Fran:** Its scales.

*^From ^the ^epic ^fantasy ^adventure ^novel: ^101 ^Silly ^Summertime ^Jokes*

Adventure Time/Regular Show

If Finn is from the land of Ooo,

And Fiona is from the land of Aaa,

Would Mordecai and Rigby be from the land of WOOOOOAAAAH!!!!!

Adventure joke, Adventure Time/Regular Show

The Magic School Bus

That girl over there,

We call her the Magic School Bus.

The entire class has had a ride, and every time it was an absolutely wild adventure.

If life is like a chose your own adventure book...

Can I return mine?

I asked my friend to go on a walk with me

She and I walked for hours. She enjoyed the adventure, and I even let her drag me around a bit. It was a great bonding experience. I live my dog!

What is a Republican's favorite Choose Your Own Adventure?

The U.S. Constitution.

What does Cowboy Bilbo Baggins say to his wizard friend as he sets out for a Himalayan adventure?

Mao-uhns, Gandalf, I need MAO-UHNS!


Choose your own adventure.

Dad sees a soda?
Moving a couch for dad?
Obese girl with a vision problem?

What did the old man in the cave say to Link before he went on his adventure in Zelda?

Where does the modern explorer go to in search for adventure?

The internet explorer goes onto amazon!

Fun & Adventure with Tiffany T. Quach Life Adventures paintings-some secrets will be revealed.

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