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TIL That due to recent advancements with AI two computers identified themselves as mates, and even went as far as to set up a Romeo and Juliette style s**... pact...

They say they were so in love they finished each others sentiences.

I'm starting a program for mentally disabled people to restart there life with all of the technological advancements they may have missed out on when they were young.

It's called "are you restarted?"

A little trip to Heaven

You know, I just came back from the dead. Well, they kicked me out, but that's a different story. The one thing I can tell you about heaven is that there are no windows in any of the houses.

Why, you ask?

Apparently, when Jobs died and went up there, he was put in charge of all advancements. So he replaced all windows with apple products. When asked why it was allowed, I was told that it's because the *i(s) are the windows to the souls*

Imagine if Big f**... had gotten hold of Nikolai Teslas technological advancements and applied them to Coffins...

He would be spinning in his grave

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