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"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." --career advancement program at my job

Then they fired me for violating the dress code at the bank. Hypocrites. How am I ever going to become a sumo wrestler now?

What do you call a major advancement made by an emo?

Cutting edge technology.

What is the largest barrier to women's advancement in the work place?

The wives of the men in hiring positions.

The Society for Handling the Advancement of Knee-high Epileptics encourages you to attend the grand opening...

of the grab-n-go pizza restaurant Little Seizures

The NAACP was thinking of changing their name to the National Association for the Advancement of African Americans

Then they decided naaaa

A friend asked me: If you can time travel to the 90s, what technology would you bring with yourself to show the advancement of human civilization.

I told him my Ti-84

Why is is so hard for women to find career advancement opportunities at Greggs?

The Pastry-archy

I don't know why everyone says the wheel was such a technological advancement

I mean it can't even run doom.

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