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A newlywed couple decide to go on a honeymoon...

... To Florida. The husband gets there before his wife does and decides to send her an email. He finishes unpacking and types it out, but when he sends it, he misstypes the adress and accidentally sends it to an old lady whose husband had recently died. The old lady reads the message and faints. It said:
"Dear honey,
I have arrived at our destination. I have unpacked and everything is ready for your arrival. I miss you and expect to see you soon!

P.S. Sure is hot down here!

Why is Santa Claus the happiest man?

Because he knows the adress of every bad girl.

That cute Mailgirl looked really surprised when I stood naked at the front door

She was probably wondering how I got her adress

What does a house like to wear?


My bank told me to give them a memorable adress.

I said Gettysburg.

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