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Father:You were ado..

Daughter : I was adopted?
Father : You were adorable as a baby
Daughter : Oh.
Father : That's why we adopted you.

Dad on his death bed: Son, I have to tell you something

Son under his breath: I bet I'm adopted
Dad: You were ado...
Dad dies
Son: Knew it
Dad wakes up: You were adorable as a baby
Dad dies
Son: Awww, thats so sweet
Dad wakes up: That's why we adopted you

A couple of friends are catching up after years apart.

"So I hear you've recently had a baby boy!" Gushes Edna.
"We did!" Responds Amy.
"Have you decided on a name yet?"
"Funny story: with our first, Denise, my husband's brother wanted to name her. The name stuck, so when he asked again, we figured he'd pick another good one."
"That's adorable! What'd he pick!"
Amy sighed. "Denephew."

What do you call an electrician's adorable baby...?


How are babies like hinges?

They are things to adore

What is the difference between a trampoline and a baby?

A trampoline doesn't look adorable in a sailor outfit

A joke my cousin sister told me when I was 9.

For 12 years Maya was the only child. She was coddled and adored by her mom and dad who gave her all the attention. So when her little sister was born, and she began to recieve less attention, she grew resentful.
She hated her little baby sister and wanted her dead. So while watching her mother breast-feed the baby, she hatched a plan.
That night, while her parents slept, she sneaked into their room and rubbed poison on her mother's n**....
When she woke the next day, she found out her dad had died.

Little Johnnys neighbour

One day little Johnny comes home from school and his mom tells him that they are going over to the neighbors house to see their new baby. However the baby has a defect, he was born with no ears. Knowing that Johnny will say something rude his mom warns him and tells him to be polite. Johnny agrees.
Later that evening they are looking at the baby.
Johnny's mom: Wow your baby is so cute.
Johnny: Yeah he is adorable
Neighbor: Thanks we are so happy to have him. A special thing about him is that he was born with perfect 20 20 vision.
Johnny: Good because if he needed glasses he'd be f*cked

I once saw a Chupacabras...

Baby goats are so adorable.

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