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An elderly woman is moving into a retirement home

As part of the admissions process she has a check-up by the resident doctor. The doctor asks, "So have you been having any problems?"

Woman: "Well, I have noticed something unusual. I have this hole in my chest between my b**...."

Doctor: "Hmm, let me have a quick look."

The woman lifts up her blouse.

The doctor bends over to take a closer look, and she says, "Oh you really have nothing to worry about. It's just your belly button."

A case study has found trampolines are involved in half of all ER admissions for under-14's.

The authors said the problem is tumbling out of control.

The nurse at the admissions desk kept misrecording each patient's blood-types..

His inability to use a keyboard definitely resulted in a whole lot of Type-Os!

Today I asked the Director of Admissions at my University what the best thing about her job was...

And she said, "Well, I gotta admit..."

What did the Office of Admissions say to the recently-accepted Urology student?


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