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A woman who was very skeptical of modern medicine, had to get surgery...

A woman who was very skeptical of modern medicine, had to get surgery. She was in pre-op and asked the nurse if there was any way she could administer the anesthesia medication herself. To which the nurse replied "I am not sure, I will go ask the surgeon." The nurse leaves to check with the surgeon. After a few minutes the nurse walks back into the room, with the surgeon behind her.
Again, the woman asks the surgeon if she can administer the anesthesia medication herself. The surgeon replies "Sure, knock yourself out!"

Today I learned Mike Pence is going to push to administer electro-zap "therapy" to the gay community.

As a gay republican who voted for Trump, this came as a huge shock.

So since employers have employees, that must mean that testers have...

Silly me, people who administer tests are called proctors.

An elderly man was laying in his hospital bed...

... A nurse came in the room to administer his daily medication. Suddenly, the elderly man took a turn for the worse. He began turning red, gasping for air, and sweating profusely. He grasped for a pen and paper on the nightstand next to him, scribbled something quickly, and was gone. The nurse thought it best for his last words to be seen first by his family and loved ones, so she folded it up and put it in her pocket.

Later that day, they arrived, and the nurse handed a sobbing wife her husband's note. She read out loud, "You're standing on my oxygen tube, moron!"

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