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How can you spot the rank of a Russian?

By the stripes on his Adidas jumpsuit.

Black Guy in Nike

The other day I saw a black guy in Nikes running down the street with a TV.

I thought to myself "hey is that mine?"

And then I remembered that mine wears Adidas

I saw a black guy running down the street

And he was carrying a TV. For a second I thought, *"hey, that looks like mine!"* but then I realized mine wears Adidas.

What did Kanye do after getting dropped by Adidas?

Some Sole searching

How can online retailers hurt Russia?

Suspending delivery of Adidas Tracksuit.

What kind of footwear do robbers use for sneaking around?

Probably Nike or Adidas

Adidas: Should we send out this email ad?

Nike: Just do it.

Adidas joke, Adidas: Should we send out this email ad?

I'd like to thank the person who made my Adidas jacket.

I think I'd need a passport though.

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