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I read a whole book on adhesive substances last night, I just couldn't put it down

Did you see the latest fashion trend is adhesive based dresses and suits?

From what I heard they're a bit tacky.

What do a tuna, a piano, and a sheet of adhesive paper have in common?

You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna!

What's an Eskimo's favorite adhesive?


If you are fixing things around the house, don't use Gorilla Goo

The gorilla likes it, but the adhesive properties are nil.

"Alright guys, we have lots of pictures to mount before the art gallery tonight. Like I said in the email, we'll have to use these adhesive hooks. Under no circumstances will you penetrate the wall with nails or screws. Tim, I've noticed you've already hung one picture. Great job.

Tim (hiding his drill and muttering under his breath): welp.. I screwed that up.

My girlfriend sent me a sex tape today...

it is not very adhesive.

If RiceGum was an adhesive, what would he be?

Flex Tape.

What do you call an adhesive ape?

A glue-rilla

What happened to the adhesive suicide bomber?

He glue up.

Why did this adhesive strip quit his work?

He just couldn't tape it anymore..

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