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Top 10 Funniest Adequate Jokes and Puns

What do you call an adequate manufacturing plant?

A satisfactory

The man who cross breeds labradors and poodles will be adequate for the job at hand.

The labradoodle dude'll do.

What do you call an adequate industrial building?


What kind of factory can produce only adequate products?

a satisfactory

What do you call adequate Japanese cartoons?


If A is for adequate customer service,

B must be for Bethesda /s

I'm not sure why transgender and non-binary people complain about not having adequate toilets for their needs

Disabled toilets have existed for a long time...

6 things should be common in a Girl and Tea.

Should be hot.
should be strong.
should be sweet.
adequate milk.
should be ready in 5 minutes.
And lastly, won't let you sleep whole night :)

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