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  1. Soulja Boy is not even a soldier. Dr. Dre is not even a doctor. Adele is not even a computer.
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  2. Inspired by the chicken jokes Why did Adele cross the road?
    To sing hello from the otherside
  3. If I have 5 pies in one hand and 6 pies in the other, what do I have? Adele's undivided attention
  4. Adele names albums by numbers, relating to important things in her life. Her next is rumoured to be called 3.14159265359
  5. What did Adele say when she saw her ex-boyfriend at the playground? HELLO FROM THE OTHER SLIIIIIDE
  6. I sent an Adele album to a guy who bought it on eBay, anyway his payment cancelled and I'm out of pocket .... Should I just give up or should I keep on chasing payments
  7. Singer Adele was rushed to the hospital after a fatal car accident Paramedics said they found her rolling in the jeep.
  8. I took my laptop on the fishing boat one day when it fell in... It was Adele, rolling in the deep.
  9. How come Adele can call her ex 1,000 times and get a million dollars.... But when I do it, the Police show up.
  10. My wife crashed the car while listening to Adele last night She ended up rolling in the Jeep.

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Adel One Liners

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  1. What do you call a computer that sings? Adell!
  2. Why did Adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side
  3. What did Adele say when asked where her dog is? Groomer has it
  4. What kind of computer says "hello" when starting up? Adele
  5. Why was Adele's phone bill $500 this month? She must have called a 1,000 times
  6. What did the cow say to Adele as she walked past its field? Hello from the udder side.
  7. What did Adele name her sandwich shop? A deli
  8. Why can't a Mac sing? Because it's not Adele
  9. What us the most musical kind of computer? Adele.
  10. My wife crashed the car listening to Adele, She was rolling in the jeep
  11. why do apple computers dislike love songs? they are all done by Adele!
  12. What do you call a laptop that can sing? Adele
  13. What do you call a computer that only plays sad songs? Adele
  14. When Adele was 18 she was.... Adele-scent
  15. Did you know Adele is a huge fan of Bono? She wishes nothing but the best for UUUUUUUU2!

Adel joke, Did you know Adele is a huge fan of Bono?

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Why did Adele crawl under the cow? say hello from the udder side.
I'll take my Oscar now.

If Adele smokes a joint in a submarine

Is she rolling in the deep ?

Adele requested and got a reset/restart on her song at the Grammy because she messed up

The Atlanta Falcons would also like to replay the 4th Quarter of the Superbowl

Why did Adele cross the road?

To say Helllllooo from the other siiiiide.

My daughter came home from school with that one.

Why did Adele cross the road?

So she could say hello from the other side
(If this has already been posted I might cry I thought I made this all up on my own haha)

Adele called her first albums 19 & 21 because they are numbers that have special importance to her life

Her follow up 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 is due out next month.

What did Adele say to the priest when she got into the confession booth?

Hello from the other side

Why is Adele so popular?

Every school and work office uses them.

What did Adele say when she was at the amusement park?

Hello from the other ride

Adel joke, What did Adele say when she was at the amusement park?