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  1. Making bread is very addictive First I was enjoying just mixing the ingredients. But after a while I kneaded it.
  2. I have an addiction to making references to random Bruce Willis movie titles. People have tried to help me stop but you know what they say. Old habits... Pulp Fiction
  3. I have a confession to make... I'm addicted to the hokie pokie.....
    But it's ok, I've turned myself around.
    And that's really what it's all about.
  4. Why do recovering addicts make good bankers? They have a lot of experience with withdrawals
  5. I don't know why I've always been addicted to coins... ...I just can't make heads or tails of it.
  6. My family is talking to me about my meme addiction. They're trying to make me go to REEEEEEEEEhab.
  7. C.C. DeVille and Bret Michaels just announced a new song about a yound drug addict who makes barrels Alice Cooper by Poison
  8. Apparently the former limbo world champion is now a homeless crack addict... Just makes you think, how low can you go?
  9. Scoring for an addict whose drug of choice is Mexican food... Makes you taco-dependent. Please get them to rehabanero.
  10. What's so weird about a steroid addiction? No matter what happens, the addiction always makes you stronger.

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  1. How do you stop a gambling addict from gambling? Make a bet. They won't refuse.
  2. What do you call it when you make fun of someone's gambling addiction? Slot shaming.
  3. How do you make an internet addict wait? I'll tell you later.
  4. What's addicting? The sound an e**... makes when it hits a cymbal.
  5. What is a s**...-addicted chemist's favorite experiment? Making a hormone.

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A drug addict calls the police to report something interesting

The police officer, interested, asks. "What is it?"
The addict responds. "Okay, I-"
The officer interrupts, quickly making sure they're not on drugs "You're sober right now, right?"
"Yes, this happened when I was sober too."
All seems okay to this point. "Okay, go on."
"I saw an Italian plumber bump his head on a brick and grow three times his size!"
The officer pauses for a moment and mumbles to himself. "It's the mushrooms."

A couple decided to get married after only dating for a few weeks

As they came to the bedroom to consummate the marriage, the husband looked into his wife's eyes:
Honey, I haven't been completely honest. I am a golf addict. I think about golf all the time, I dream of golf and every chance I get I'm going to go and have a round.
OK said the wife. As long as we're being honest, I have something to tell you too.
Go on said the husband tentatively
I'm a h**... .
That's OK said the husband. You've just got to make sure you keep your left arm straight and your head down longer.

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