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Adderall is really dangerous

I'm not sure exactly what happened: I took some, and then I must have blacked out or something... all I know is that I'm a grad student now

I gave some Adderall to my Ford Fiesta...

it's now a Ford Focus.

I took adderall next to a box of fortune cookies...

And now I'm fluent in Chinese.

Took Adderall before big exam and now I know multivariable calculus...

Still not sure what I'm going to do about the history exam though...

Where do they make Adderall?

Concentration Camps

I had a Ford Fiesta....

and fed it some adderall and it turned into a Ford Focus

What's the worst part about forgetting to take your Adderall?

Adderall joke, What's the worst part about forgetting to take your Adderall?

Ritalin and Adderall

Market Research says they both tested well among focus groups.

My doctor prescribed me Adderall to help my concentration and frustration. The only problem is that...

now I'm super concentrated on my frustrations.

I left my Adderall in my Ford Fiesta,

It is now a Ford Focus.

I can't claim credit for this one, I heard it on one of my favorite streamers' streams.

As a Software Engineer undergrad, I'm addicted to coding

...and morphine ...and adderall

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What do you get when you put adderall into the gas tank of a Ford Fiesta?

A Ford Focus.

What is an accountant's favorite medicine?


Did you hear about the German summer camp where they gave all the kids adderall?

It turned into a concentration camp

I took Adderall for my ADHD

I started focusing on my distractions better.

I left my Adderall in my car last night...

When I came out this morning, it became a Ford Focus.

Adderall joke, I left my Adderall in my car last night...

What do you call a bunch of ants on adderall?


I left my Adderall in my Ford Fiesta.

Now I have a Ford Focus.

To the person who stole my adderall,


My boss told me to give something the old college try...

So I skipped work for a week and got addicted to adderall by accident.

To the person that stole my month's supply of Adderall..

You now have my complete attention.

I put adderall in the gas tank of my Ford Fiesta...

...turned it into a Ford Focus

What do you call a grasshopper on adderall?

A focust

What do you call a stoner who takes Adderall? (OC)

Highly Productive

My son accidentally left his Adderall in his Ford Festiva.

Now, it's a Ford Focus.

I put adderall into my Ford Fiesta

Now it's a Ford Focus

Adderall joke, I put adderall into my Ford Fiesta

Why did the snake look so jittery?

He took too much Adder-all.

What's the difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Ford Focus?


My friend asked me if I did meth

I said Nah man Adderall is more my speed

I had a ford Fiesta once, then I left my prescription of Adderall in the glove box overnight,

when I came out in the morning, I had a Ford Focus.

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