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  1. Guys, don't install adblock I did, and now the hot singles in my area don't want to meet me any more.
  2. Ever since I installed Adblocker Plus things haven't been going so well.. All of a sudden chicks in my area are no longer interested in me.
  3. Ever since I've downloaded Adblock, all the single girls in my area seem to have lost interest...
  4. Since I've installed Adblock Plus All the girls in my area suddenly lost their interest in me.
  5. Adblock Adblock has been so useful getting rid of advertisements, but for some reason all the single ladies in my area stopped wanting me
  6. Do not install adblock on your computer or phone Now all the hot single moms don't want me anymore
  7. Ever since I installed AdBlock.... All the single ladies in my area seemed to have lost interest
  8. Ever since I've installed Adblocker... for some reason all the local singles lost interest in me.
  9. All these "Don't pay too much for [x]" Wikibuy/Honey ads are really convincing. They convinced me to download Adblocker.
  10. I found out a way to go ad - free on youtube with no adblock! Just replace the "you" in youtube with "red" in your URL and it should get rid of them, i guess they were hiding it from us or something.

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Adblock One Liners

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  1. Since I installed adblock, my popularity with hot girls in my area has plummeted
  2. What do single mothers in my area find to be the biggest turn off? Adblock
  3. Ever since I installed AdBlocker There are no more hot singles in my area waiting to meet
  4. Tai Lopez really changed my life He's the reason I installed adblock.
  5. What's your favorite type of advertisement? Mine is adblocker.
  6. Sunblock. AdBlock is sunblock for PC Gamers.
  7. What kind of person disables adblock? A madman.
  8. today i installed adblock. I knew i should of put a ring on all them single ladies.
  9. Adblock can't melt Ellen Pao.
  10. AdBlock ruined my s**... life There are no more hot singles near me

Adblock joke, AdBlock ruined my s**... life

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"Name something kids will never understand"

The ability to use Adblock and not be asked by a news website to whitelist them.

This joke is brought to you by AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome.

Blocking every ad on the internet, except this one.

Adblock joke, This joke is brought to you by AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome.