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Studies show that prostitutes have higher levels of oxytocin than the average person.

Oxytocin is known to increase erotic vocalizations during sex. Scientists believe that this may be an adaptation to help with pleasing their clients.

It's a very powerful whore-moan.

I got kicked out of my book club meeting because I tried to review Tommy Wiseau's book adaptation of his movie despite never actually having read it.

I should have noticed how irritated the crowd was getting at my inaccurate speech, but I didn't read The Room.

Disney just announced plans for an animated adaptation of Dante's Inferno

They're calling it, "101 Damnations."

Ricky Gervais has sold the rights to do an 'adult' adaptation of 'The Office' to Vivid Picture.

It will be called 'The Orifice'.

The Rock is starring in a film adaptation of the video game *Rampage*

In related news, Kevin Spacey is in the Paperboy.

To celebrate the remake of the movie adaptation of Stephen King's "It," restaurants released their second version of eggnog with a scoop of ice cream and a peppermint stick:

The "Yule float II." Only $1.99 You'll make sure to get your change - if you want to be penny-wise.

What counts as an insult and also as a sickening adaptation of human anatomy for the purpose of illumination?


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