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What's the medical term for a female-to-male sex change operation?

An adadichtomy

What do you call a female to male sex change?


I asked my family "Canadad travel to the Great White North"

My children replied "Yukon", but my wife was having Nunavut.

What do you call the procedure that is done when a woman wants to become a man?

An Adadictomy

3 Daughters

So there was a guy who had three Beautiful Daughters with exquisite names. One day they all got curious as to how they came to be with these names so they decided to ask. The first one walks in and politely asked "daddy how did you come to naming me Rose?" He replied "well when you were born a rose petal fell on your head and so it just was." Satisfied, she left and the second daughter came in and asked "Daddy, how did you come to naming me Daisy?" To which he replied "well darling when you were born some daisy petals rained down on you and so it was." Satisfied she left and the third daughter walks in she says "bwalalaladadahaha" to which the father replies "shut up Cinder Block!"

How do you store a group of Canadian fathers?

In a canadads

Did you hear about the new surgery that transgenders undergo?

They call it an adadictomy.

Did you hear that they are renaming the female sex change procedure??

The new name will be...........Adadictomy!!

What's the medical term for a trans / sex change procedure?


Sex change surgeons should call their surgeries an 'Adadictomy.'


Bed time story


Skadaddle Skadiddle
The dad and the fiddle
The cow flew over the moon
The bowl ran away with the spoon

Son: I knew it! Your crack smelled weird today!

I lost my father recently...

Hes a cadadver now.

^^I'll ^^see ^^myself ^^out.

What do you call a female to male gender reassignment surgery procedure


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