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  1. During interviews he seems like such a nice guy, but the actor who plays Wolverine is a real phoney It's a huge act, man..
  2. Most people don't realize that the actor from the volleyball scene in Top Gun: Maverick... the same actor who played Wilson in the 2000 movie "Castaway".
  3. If the actor who plays Wolverine were to reveal that he's been a con-artist his entire life.... Would that mean this has all been a huge act, man?
  4. I was playing an updated version of Oregon Trail voiced by Terry Crews. I made the comment that he wasn't a good voice actor, and the game abruptly ended. Apparently, I died of dissin' Terry.
  5. Why does America have the best movie industry in the world? In the rest of the world, all the best actors play soccer.
  6. I've been holding auditions for actors to play a new Fantastic Four team this afternoon... ... it's so stressful.
    It's just been one Thing after another.
  7. I just don't know about this actor they have playing Pennywise in the new IT movie... He's got some big shoes to fill.
  8. A group of actors performed an on stage reading of the Oxford dictionary. The audience wasn't too enthralled with a play on words.
  9. I think mascots are the hardest roles for actors to play. They really have to get into their characters.
  10. What do male prostitutes and the actor who played inspector clouseau have in common? They're both Peter Sellers.

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  1. Why do actors tell each other to "break a leg"? Because every play needs a cast.
  2. Why do we tell all actors to 'break a leg'? Because every play has a cast.
  3. Why do people tell actors to break a leg? Because every play needs a cast.
  4. As an actor, you either die, Or live long enought to play Batman.
  5. Which actor could never play Quasimodo? Humpfree Bogart
  6. I hate having to gain weight to play a role... and then remembering I'm not an actor.
  7. Can anyone tell me the actors name who played Forest Gump? T hanks.
  8. I just found out the actor who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers died. rip
  9. Why do we tell actors to break a leg Because every play has a cast
  10. Why are actors told to 'break a leg'? Every play has a cast.
  11. Does anybody know which actor played Forrest Gump? Thanks
  12. What do you give an actor playing the role of an angry street gang member? Mad props...
  13. A bald actor has the biggest part in a play
  14. Did you hear about the actor who was a 20 in a play about D&D? He played a critical role
  15. how does a vegan actor do to play a scene where he has to eat meat?

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"May I borrow your pen?"
"No, these are my special pens, and this is my second to last one"
"What's so special about them?"
"They are my ultimate writing instrument. I usually use them to keep track of the score in ultimate frisbee. Plus, they have famous people on them."
"Who is that?"
"That's Sean Penn. He's my favorite actor."
"Where did you get them?"
"At the University of Pennsylvania."
"Oh, I see. So that is your penultimate Penn ultimate Penn pen."

An old actor has trouble getting work due to failing memory...

After contacting many people that he worked with in the past , he is finally able to land a job in a popular new Broadway play. The director tells him its only one line at the beginning of the play, but it is a very important line. It sets the mood for the rest of the play. It is ESSENTIAL he nails the line. The old actor emphasizes that he will nail it. The director reluctantly agrees and proceeds to tell him his role. You will take a beautiful rose, bring it to your nose and take a deep breath and say the following line: *Ah, the sweet scent of my mistress…* That's it. Do not screw this up! The old actor thanks him 10 times over and proceeds to practice for the next 2 weeks nonstop.
Opening night comes. It's a sold out theater. He takes to the stage, spotlight on him. He raises his hand, takes a deep breath and says the line perfectly * Ah, the sweet scent of my mistress… * Just after the line is delivered the auditorium burst into laughter. He walks off the stage distraught. I don't get it. I nailed the line perfectly. What happened? The director looks at him and yells YOU IDIOT! YOU FORGOT THE FLOWER!

"The actor who plays the villain in No Country For old Men was causing trouble in my bar last night."

"Javier Bardem?"
"No, but I will if he does it again."

I should stay up until 3 in the morning more often

I want to make a show with the two actors who have played Khan in the different Star Trek films where we discuss literature. We will call it "Prose and Khans".

Dramatic Arts

Little Charlie has had his dreams set on becoming an actor, and, finally, he lands a part in the school play. He runs home after school to tell his dad. "That's fantastic!" his father replies. "Who do you play?" he asks. "Dad, I play a guy who's been married for twenty years!" His dad plants a hand on Charlie's shoulder, smiling sweetly, and says, "Maybe next time you'll get a speaking part."

The actor who plays Wolverine once owned a sea cow, but it was murdered... was a crime against Hugh's manatee.

This years Best Actor nominations.

*A film I haven't seen
*Some guy playing a real person
*Defiantly not gonna win
*Don't really care
*Daniel-Day Lewis

Three actors are deciding on roles for a movie about classical music.

Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all taking part in a new movie about classical composers.
"I think I'll play Beethoven!" declared Matt.
"I'd like the role of Mozart!" Brad decided.
"I'll be Bach." said Arnie.

What white actor is going to play Prince in his bio pic?

Peter Dinklige

Star Wars should cast an Indian actor

to play Mace Hindu.

I wish someone would actually name the actor who plays Wolverine

Everyone I know just calls him Huge Jacked Man

Have you heard about the actor playing a drug addict?

He believes in m**...-od acting.

"That is him." I said to my wife in the shopping centre.

"That's Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2D2 in Star Wars."
"Are you sure?" she asked. "It doesn't look like him, go on over and ask."
A couple of minutes later I walked back over to her. "Well, what did he say?"
"Nothing." I said. "It's a rubbish bin."

My wife Emily and I have a celebrity exemption rule for extramarital affairs.

Evidently she thought it included the actor playing George in the local production of "Our Town."

The other day I was casting for a movie about my life

I'd chosen the actor to play my father, but he said "I don't wanna be your father"
To which I replied "Perfect, you already know your lines"

Some actors were planning to make a movie on famous composers

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks were all making a movie about famous composers. Leo said, "I'd like to play Beethoven." Tom said, "I'd like to play Mozart." Arnie said "I'll be Bach"

When actors get drunk

To play a scene where a character is drunk it's method acting
So I'm sure breaking bad must have had plenty of m**... head acting

If the comic s**... Kathy were to be adapted into a TV show, which actor would play Irving, her love interest?

I'm not sure, but it would have to be a Huge Ack-man.

Young Actor: "Dad, guess what? I've just got my first part in a play. I play the part of a man who's been married for 30 years."

Father: "Well, keep at it, son. Maybe one day you'll get a speaking part."

Too Soon: Verne Troyer, the actor who played Mini-Me, has passed

The world's smallest violin will be played at his memorial service.

The actor who played Pee Wee Herman, Paul Reubens, has decided to start his own dry cleaning service.

It's called Drop Your Pants and Jacket Off

The Chancellor of Germany, Prince Harry's wife, and the actor who played Gollum should set up an emporium of p**... wigs in Sarkel, Russia

...and call it "Merkel, Markle and Serkis' Sarkel Merkin Circus"

My sister was in a school play with an auditorium that was packed. My mom said with how hot it was, it's going to be tough for the actors.

I said "Don't worry, it builds character"

Actor playing Anakin Skywalker asks, "who's going to be in the scene where I lose all my limbs?"

The director says, "just You an' McGregor."

What do you call a play with soft drink actors?

What do you call a play with soft drink actors?
A fantamime

A backdrop to a play fell down, injuring the actors

At that point, it wasn't a drama. It was a tragedy.

I tell people that I'm an actor for horror movies.

When they say they've never seen me before...
I just say "that's because I played a ghost".

The original actor who played Captain Kirk tried to start a Star Trek themed line of women's l**....

But no one would invest in Shatner p**....
(An oldie, but deserved a fresh posting)

What does the actor who plays Bucky Barnes have in commom with his overzealous supporters?

They're all Sebastian stans.

A large movie studio is making a movie about famous musical composers played by very muscular actors. They had all of the actors choose who they wanted to be.

Dwayne Johnson chose Mozart.
Lou Ferrigno wanted Beethoven.
When asked who he wanted to play, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I'll be Bach.