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Funniest Activist Short Jokes

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  1. Homeless people are the most persistent activists in society. Not a single day goes by without them asking for change!
  2. My dads a women's rights activist. Your dad? Not your mum?
    No, dad wouldn't allow that.
    *Courtesy of u/hihellow*
  3. People who are constipated are such activists. They're seriously always trying to start a movement...
  4. A vegan, a feminist, and a BLM activist walk into a bar, how do you tell which one's which? Don't worry, they'll tell you.
  5. Van Gogh masterpiece defaced by Just Stop Oil activists in London. A spokesman for the group said, 'We will not rest until all 19th century painters switch to acrylics or watercolours.'
  6. Why did the global warming activist compliment the earth? Cause it looked hotter than usual! (I'll see myself out)
  7. Historians have discovered that human rights activist Malcolm X was actually just called Malcolm He was rather affectionate at the end of his text messages.
  8. I am an animal lover and activist. I actively put animals on my plate and I love to eat them.
  9. Why are Social Justice Activists always warriors? Because they don't have a high enough intelligence to be Social Justice Mages.
  10. I'm an anti vaccine activist, and didn't vaccinate my children. They're all dead, but at least they don't have autism!

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Activist One Liners

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  1. Common synonyms of unemployed. Writer, blogger, and activist.
  2. What do you call an animal rights' activist that never grows old? PETA Pan
  3. What do you call a civil rights activists who's also a shower sponge? Martin Loofah King
  4. What do you call an angry gun activist? Triggered.
  5. What do you get when a climate change activist creates computer code? An Al Gore Rythym
  6. Did you hear about the insomniac social justice activist? He was woke af
  7. What do you call a white civil rights activist? Talcum X
  8. What does a men's rights activist usually drink? White whine.
  9. what do you call an animal rights activist that loves children? a peta-phile
  10. I'm bedridden and I want to be an activist But I take everything lying down
  11. What do you call an alien civil rights activist? Martian Luther King jr.
  12. What do you call an activist fangirl who trips all time? A stumblr.
  13. Why wouldn't the activist let go of the hunter's gun? He was holding on for deer life.
  14. What do you call a cat rights activist organisation? 9 lives matter!
  15. Why can't a paraplegic become an activist? They can't stand up for what's right.

Rights Activist Jokes

Here is a list of funny rights activist jokes and even better rights activist puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I got fired from my job as an animal rights activist All I said was that sometimes it feels like you're beating a dead horse when you try to get people to donate
  • A group of animal rights activists attempted to poison a barbecue However, the poison didn't work. Should have tested it on animals.
  • A pirate is sitting at a bar... In walks in a civil rights activist, a communist, and a dog.
    The pirate says, "Well, today's my lucky day! X, Marx, and the Spot!"
  • I'm an activist for mens' rights... wear decent looking pants. You could say I'm a slack-tivist!
  • Irish animal rights activists have broken into a turkey farm. They say they are going to release thousands of turkeys into the wild...
    as soon as they've defrosted
  • Why do animal rights activists hate NASA? Because curiosity killed the cat.
  • What director to Mens Rights Activists love? M'Knight Shamylan
  • My driving instructor is a civil rights activist Her driving course is called Rosa Parks cars
  • What does a Men's Rights activist call a broken hand? Celibacy.
  • Where do Men's Rights Activists get there water? From a well, actually.

Climate Activist Jokes

Here is a list of funny climate activist jokes and even better climate activist puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • These climate change activists need to relax, i don't have a carbon footprint I Just drive everywhere instead
Activist joke, These climate change activists need to relax, i don't have a carbon footprint

Activist joke, These climate change activists need to relax, i don't have a carbon footprint

Happy Activist Jokes for a Lighthearted Night with Friends

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How many fat activists does it take to change a lightbulb?

The lightbulb is beautiful the way it is. Society needs to change and learn to accept and stop shaming lightbulbs that don't conform to its standards.

Eco-activists, as a protest, splashed paint on a famous Jackson p**... painting

No-one noticed.

A local women's activist group has started a rally to end v**... i**...... that is something I can get behind.

I've heard all the environmental activists' arguments for banning plastic products...

and they're really just grasping at straws.

What do you call an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator, social justice activist, and anarcho-syndicalist advocate who doesn't eat ham?


At 1:58 two young girls ran out in front of my car, so I slammed on my breaks and honked my horn. On the other side of the road behind the wheel was an African activist, who had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting a pair of young girls as well.

Desmond Tutu tooted two too, at two to two.

Activist joke, What does a men's rights activist usually drink?