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BREAKING NEWS: Ethiopian falls into crocodile pond

17 crocodiles confirmed dead so far, with Ethiopian still actively feeding.

An very obese woman goes to the ER complaining about stomach pains

The nurse checks her in and takes her vitals. She asks if she's s**... actively, the patient says No

A while later the doctor comes in to do a pelvic exam and notices a baby's head crowning. He calls for labor and delivery and exasperated, asks the woman I thought you said you weren't s**... active?!

She replies I'm not, I just lay there.

I am an animal lover and activist.

I actively put animals on my plate and I love to eat them.

What's the similarity between my brain and my computer hard drive?

Both are actively deleting memory and I have no idea why.

Apparently the army is actively recruiting strippers.

They are experts on setting up booby traps.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 had long since succumbed to Stockholm syndrome and was actively engaging with their captors.

Fat people have the most active lifestyle.

The times they are actually not doing anything, they have to maintain their active lifestyle buy actively eating.

So they've started planting trees actively nowadays.

Well that's a releaf

Studies show that 3/5 of all African Americans

are productive members of society, who actively engage in their community.

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