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"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.." - Newton's Law

"Shredded cabbage and carrot make a great salad." - Cole's Law

I think I want to take up acting...

Does anyone know of a local soccer league I could join?

What does Activision and a Dairy worker have in common?

They both love milking.

Help! I need activity suggestions. I'm going to hang out with my father, first thing tomorrow morning. He's a retired Naval officer and an alcoholic.

What do you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning??

During activities I'm like batteries

I'm never included

Three action movie stars are sitting in a bar

So, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger are sitting in a bar, and Sylvester Stallone is like: "Guys, we should make a movie with the three of us, but I'm all out of ideas at the moment, I'm kind of bored with the standard action flicks."

Chuck says: "Don't you have any ideas?"

"Yeah, this may sound silly, but I was actually thinking about doing a movie on great classical composers"

That's when Arnold trows himself in the conversation and says: "That sounds like a great idea! Sylvester, you can be Mozart, and Chuck can be Beethoven!"

"And who will you be, Arnold?"

"I'll be Bach."

Action dan here, I got a call about my wife from the ER

Action dan here, I answered the phone and it was from the ER and the nurse said "Action dan It looks like your wife got hit by a truck."

I said" action dan here, well yeah, but she's got a great personality."

I should have known my ex-wife's activism would be a problem for our marriage.

She promoted the de-nuclearization of families.

Just took an acting class....

Now I'm qualified to be a soccer player

Active volcanoes would make good rappers...

because they got mad flow.

An active and successful widowed man finds himself at the end of his days in an upscale assisted living home.

His consoling and rich friends came to spend the last days with the man. While he was still coherent, they decide to hire him a hooker for a final hurrah.

They make the arrangements and the beautiful bubbly woman arrives at the nursing home for the assist a while later. She tells the man Your friends sent me here to give you some super sex!

The man contemplated a bit and carefully replies to the woman I think I'll have the soup.

What's an activity that 9/10 participants enjoy?

Gang rape. Sorry. Seriously, really really sorry.

Active Voice: I wrote the paper.

Passive Voice: The paper was written by me.

Inner Voice: Dafuq did I write!?!

Activision stated that there would be no loot boxes or weapons tied behind something you have to pay for in the newest CoD

Lol who is buying that.

They say every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Apparently nobody told my girlfriend

I'm an activist for mens' rights... wear decent looking pants. You could say I'm a slack-tivist!

I could never go to acting school...

There's way too much drama.

How much action do you wives of God get?


What's an activity 9/10 people enjoy?

Gang rape.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite...

This post is not longer available due to a trademark claim by Fine Brothers Entertainment.

Any action taken to get a split up music group to patch things up...

Is a Band-Aid.

Why wouldn't the activist let go of the hunter's gun?

He was holding on for deer life.

Action films set unrealistic expectations.

I just tried to jump onto a moving train but I destroyed my son's Scalextric.

Actions speak louder than words...

When you're miming.

What activity does the owl mafia participate in?

Drive by hootings.

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