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Why did the adobe acrobat document go to jail?

Because it was a pdf file.

Batman and Robin get ready for patrol

Batman: You ready Robin?

Robin: I'm not sure about this costume Batman. It's so bright and red. And why do I have to wear a silly yellow cape?

Batman: Well, we're superheroes Robin. We got to dress the part.

Robin: I'm still not sure about this Batman. I mean, you aren't dressed in any bright colors at all!

Batman: Well, if I did that then they'll be shooting at me and not you now wouldn't they? And didn't I train you to be the greatest acrobat in the world? So why all the worrying? The other ones never complained about this, they loved being heroes, god rest their souls.

Why was the Adobe Acrobat document arrested?

It was a PDF file.

What's an acrobats favorite seasoning?

Somersault 🧂

Why did the vampire join the circus?

To become an acrobat.

What do you call an acrobat in shark infested waters?

A balanced breakfast.

I heard that Kim Jong Un invented Adobe Acrobat...

...Or maybe they're both just supreme readers.

Acrobat joke, I heard that Kim Jong Un invented Adobe Acrobat...

What do you call a gymnast covered in clay?

An adobe acrobat.

Get your bowl ready for some Soup

Because this acrobat is about to do the splits and he has a very weak bladder

My friend slept with an acrobat, but it wasn't as great as he anticipated.

It was a Cirque du So So Lay.

What do you call someone who does parkour in Mexico?

Adobe Acrobat

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What's the bat that does the more stunts

The Acrobat

Do you know what catches a Russian acrobat when they fall?


Why did the acrobat quit working for the Ringling Brothers?

Because she was really out of her elephant

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