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An acquaintance of mine just got his medical license revoked because he had sexual relations with one of his patients.

It's a shame, he was the best veterinarian in the city.

What did the annoyed coffee say when it saw an old acquaintance...

Oh jeez, not this mug again

Me: Hey, are you high?

Acquaintance: Hello, am I what?
Me: High
Acquaintance: Hello

I ran into an old acquaintance from school the other day.

He always liked to brag and the years didn't change that as he stood there telling me about how great his life is. He told me about how he landed this miracle job, he showed me pictures of his flashy Mercedes, his house in the countryside then showed more pictures telling me to "take a look at my gorgeous wife".

I said, "If you think she's gorgeous, you should see my wife."

"Oh, is she a stunner too?", He asked.

"No, she's an optician." I replied.

An acquaintance of mine said that when she feels down she puts on a skirt that's too short, and it helps.

Coincidentally, her wearing a skirt that's too short also helps me when I'm down.

A friend and I were enjoying a coffee in our local haunt when an acquaintance stopped at our table and said,

Hi, Jim. Can I join you?

Why, am I falling apart? I replied.

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