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Not a joke but a real incident that happened to an indian acquaintance of mine when he moved to Australia for higher studies..

So he comes out of the airport and gets into the cab.
The Aussie cab driver asked where he is from ?
He replied 'India '.
The cab driver asked ' So did you come to die?'
He froze as it was the times when there were racial attacks by white Aussies on people of indian descent .
It was only few weeks later, he realised that the driver actually asked " Did you come today?'

Israeli tourist

An Israeli tourist is visiting New York and hires a cab to drive him around the city. He engages the driver in small talk to get better acquainted.
"Where are you from?" he asks.
"I'm from Palestine" replies the cab driver, "and you?"
"I'm from Narnia."
"b**..., that place doesn't exist" says the cab driver.
"Well, you started it" says the Israeli.

An acquaintance of mine just got his medical license revoked because he had s**... relations with one of his patients.

It's a shame, he was the best veterinarian in the city.

What did the annoyed coffee say when it saw an old acquaintance...

Oh jeez, not this mug again

Me: Hey, are you high?

Acquaintance: Hello, am I what?
Me: High
Acquaintance: Hello

Soviet-era paranoia

Two acquaintances meet on a train.
"Where are you headed?", asks one.
"To Minsk, to see my daughter", replies the other.
He said he's going to Minsk, the first man thinks. That means he's going to Smolensk. But this train doesn't go to Smolensk. This is the Minsk train.
Why would he lie?

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