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Guy walks into a bar with an octopus under his arm...

Guy walks into a bar with an octopus under his arm and sets it on top of the counter. He says "Anyone that can hand this octopus a musical instrument it cannot play, I will give you $5,000." The first person hands it a trumpet. The octopus takes a look, then spins it around, looks at it then proceeds to play it like Louie Armstrong. The 2nd person brings it an acoustic guitar. Again, the octopus checks it out, spins it around, checks it out again, only to strart strumming it to the likes of Eric Clapton. The 3rd guy brought up a set of bagpipes and the octopus shows a bit of interest. He grabs ahold of it, spins it around, spins it around, checks it out, spins it around, spins it around......After a while the 3rd person says "Obviously this octopus has no clue how to play the bagpipes." The octopus breaks his attention from the instrument and says to the man "Play it? I'm going to fuck it once I can figure out how to take it's pajamas off."


I'm learning how to play the neurotic guitar.

It's a lot like an acoustic guitar but it's a little more high strung.


What do you call a really loud stick that tries to overthrow its government?



Before invention of electricity

Judge: I sentence you to death by the acoustic chair.


My friends and I just started a music group.

We're calling the band "Grandpa's Life Support." That way, if we ever have an acoustic album, it'll be called "Grandpa's Life Support: Unplugged."


Started a Christian acoustic band the other day...

We call ourselves "Gsus".


How expensive is acoustic insulation ?

Quiet expensive.


I love my guitar collection....

but one of the guitars is a bit different from the rest, I think he's a bit acoustic.


How are the acoustics of an boob?



If metallica started doing acoustic songs ONLY....

They would be called Plasticlica


I play the acoustic guitar but not the electric guitar

It might electrocute me.


Electric blankets are so nice

I doubt I can go back to plain old acoustic blankets.


I'm going to switch from bass to acoustic

I just couldn't figure out how to tune a fish.


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