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  1. I'm learning how to play the neurotic guitar. It's a lot like an acoustic guitar but it's a little more high strung.
  2. My friends and I just started a music group. We're calling the band "Grandpa's Life Support." That way, if we ever have an acoustic album, it'll be called "Grandpa's Life Support: Unplugged."
  3. Everyone thought Kim Jung Un was in a vegetative state, but actually he was in the studio recording his acoustic album Kim Jung Unplugged.
  4. I love my guitar collection.... but one of the guitars is a bit different from the rest, I think he's a bit acoustic.
  5. My friend made a mistake and bought shower curtains for all the windows in his house. On the plus side, now every room has amazing acoustics.
Acoustic joke, My friend made a mistake and bought <a href="/shower-jokes.html" title="Shower jokes">shower curtain

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Acoustic One Liners

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  1. I used to be ugly, but then I bought an acoustic guitar Now I'm ugly and annoying
  2. What do you call a really loud stick that tries to overthrow its government? Acoustic.
  3. Before invention of electricity Judge: I sentence you to death by the acoustic chair.
  4. I saw someone playing the guitar with a pool stick. It was acoustic.
  5. I love my electric blanket.... I'm never going back to my acoustic one.
  6. How expensive is acoustic insulation ? Quiet expensive.
  7. Started a Christian acoustic band the other day... We call ourselves "Gsus".
  8. Electric blankets are so nice I doubt I can go back to plain old acoustic blankets.
  9. If metallica started doing acoustic songs ONLY.... They would be called Plasticlica
  10. I'm going to switch from bass to acoustic I just couldn't figure out how to tune a fish.
  11. I play the acoustic guitar but not the electric guitar It might electrocute me.

Acoustic joke, I play the acoustic guitar but not the electric guitar

Comical Acoustic Jokes to Spread Joy and Laughter

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During this period of the pandemic, a group of extraordinarily thin people came together to form a band.

It was a massive success. They were the best in their fields. The violin, oh so melodious! The synth on point everytime. The acoustics, superb.
One time they were offered to perform a virtual concert. All the tickets sold out.
But when the time came for them to perform, they couldn't connect to the internet.
They did not have enough bandwidth.

Acoustic joke, Everyone thought Kim Jung Un was in a vegetative state, but actually he was in the studio recording

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