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Ever since I decided to swap gender my son never notices me…

Honestly he looks right through me and doesn't acknowledge my existence and seems to be frightened when I say something. It's like I'm totally trans-parent

My Chinese friend refuses to believe that our buddy Ty is now the state boxing champion.

People from China refuse to acknowledge Ty won.

My friend and I took a trip to Egypt. While we were sightseeing, he slipped and fell into a river. I told him he needs to get out as soon as possible but he refused to acknowledge his predicament.

He was in denial.

Acknowledge joke

My ex told me we broke up because I'm too reliant on logic and refuse to acknowledge my emotions.

I told her, correlation is not causation.

I met a Japanese mathematician yesterday

Japanese Mathematician: "Acknowledge my presence, zero"

Me: "Can you elaborate in mathematical terms?"

Japanese Mathematician: "Notice me sin(pi)"

I like my Coffee, like my President. . .

Black with some cream. But don't acknowledge the cream because it's so much more impressive to have it straight black.

Why couldn't the robot pirate acknowledge his crew?

He was waiting on an aye patch.

Acknowledge joke

What do Catholics and Baptists have in common?

Neither acknowledge their fellow church-goers at the liquor store.

I'm surprised there aren't more far-righters who acknowledge global warming

I heard it means there'll be fewer snowflakes around.

What do racists and WNBA fans have in common?

There's enough of them to acknowledge their existence.

What's the difference between a Baptist and a Catholic?

Catholics acknowledge each other in the liquor aisle.


What's the difference between Catholics and Lutherans? Catholics just acknowledge each other in the liquor aisle, Lutherans have a 15 minute conversation about booze.

I would never resort to plotting revenge on an ex.

Just her having to acknowledge that she slept with me is punishment enough.

Chuck Norris does not acknowledge the Periodic Table of Elements ...

because the only element he cares about is the element of surprise.

Some Acknowledgements Long Due..

I will eternally be grateful to my legs,

For supporting me.

I will always be grateful to my arms,

For being by my side.

And I will always cherish my fingers,

For I could count on them.

How did the white supremacist acknowledge Kim Kardashian?

"'Kay, KK."

An alcoholic, a smoker and a gay guy go to a psychiatrist

An alcoholic, a smoker and a gay guy go to a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist evaluates their addictions and warns them, "If you indulge in your bad habit ONE MORE TIME, you will drop dead."

So the three men acknowledge his warning and leave the clinic.

As they walked down the sidewalk, discussing their fate, the Alcoholic proclaims, "I don't care what happens to me! I need a drink!" He runs into a bar, takes a shot of whiskey, and drops dead.

The smoker and gay guy--shocked that the psychiatrist was telling the truth--continue walking.

A few minutes later they see a full cigarette burning on the sidewalk. The smoker starts to sweat. And looks over at the gay guy. "I just need ONE MORE drag!"

The gay guy says, "Honey, if you bend down to pick that up, we're BOTH gonna drop dead!"

Acknowledge joke

Me: People treat me like a god

Guy: Really?

Me: Yeah, they only acknowledge me when they want something

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