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Why can't Admiral Ackbar fly to Hawaii?

"Aloha Ackbar" doesn't go over well at the airport

What did the suicide bomber from the Rebel Alliance say before detonating?


If you scream three times...

At night, if you lock yourself in a bathroom with lights off and scream Allahu Ackbar three times the CIA will come through your mirror and take you to Guantanamo Bay.

When asked if he would be called a Governor in Iran, Admiral Ackbar said, "No..."

"...It's Satrap."

What does a Hawaiian suicide bomber say when he walks into a building?


What did the ISIS member say when he went to Hawai?

Aloha Ackbar!

How do you turn an airliner into a boat?

#**Allahu Ackbar!**

Ackbar joke, How do you turn an airliner into a boat?

What would a character from the Star Wars universe shout before a suicide bombing?


What do you call a terrorist on vacation?

Aloha ackbar

Who did the Rebel pilot pledge loyalty to before crashing into the Death Star?


If you are at a restaurant and see the Pig Latin Admiral Ackbar special, beware..

It's an app tray.

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An Egyptian man lost his son in the mall.

Security - have you tried calling his name?

\- No, I am afraid.

Security - Okay fine, whats his name?

Ackbar, Ala Ackbar

What did Admiral Ackbar say when he was browsing the internet in 2018?


What did Admiral Ackbar say when he saw the topless transgender woman?

It's a trap!

What do you say when you first come across a Hawaiian highjacking a plane, whilst screaming "It's a trap"

Aloha Ackbar

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