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  1. A chemistry lab is a lot like a party... Some people drop acid while others drop the base.
  2. Why does the military stockpile hydrochloric acid? To neutralize their enemy's strongest bases.
  3. What's the difference between a raver and a chemist at a club? One drops acid while the other drops the base.
  4. Being a clumsy chemist is like going to the rave... Sometimes you drop the base and trip on acid.
  5. What does a chemistry lesson and a night club have in common? Someone drops the acid and someone drops the base.
  6. Did you hear about the guy who's on trial for throwing acid at people? The defense is claiming that it's a *base*less accusation.
  7. There was a drug taking chemist in the hallway, really finding his way around a bra I guess he really knew his acids and bases.
  8. There once was a soldier named Private Acid HQ called him back. When he got to home base, he was found neutralized.
  9. Last Night I dropped Acid Being a good scientist, I used the proper base to neutralize and clean it up
  10. What does acid reflux and dubstep have in common? They both get better when you drop the "base".

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Acid Base One Liners

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  1. Why would the military use acid? To neutralize the enemy base.
  2. Why do people take acid at raves? Because there's so much base.
  3. Some acids walked into the enemy base... Threat Neutralized.
  4. An acid and a base walk into a bar The police later arrested the two for a salt.
  5. What do you get when you combine an equally strong acid and base? Net neutrality.
  6. How do you neutralize Lords of Acid? With some Ace of Base.
  7. Acids have a lot of bad opinions... They are definitely not based!
  8. What did the DJ do when he spilled acid on the floor? He dropped the base.
  9. When you neutralize an acidic solution in a titration, what do you do? Drop the base.
  10. A chemistry lab is like a rave some drop acid and some drop base.
  11. What does Skrillex do when he wants to neutralize acid? He drops the base
  12. What did the acid say to the alkali? All your base are belong to us.
  13. Why do weak acids and bases go to the gym? To get buffer
  14. There was an acid spill at an army base. It caused a huge reaction.
  15. Why do we have oceans? Because based god and acid god had a baby.

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Did you hear about the professor who could tell the acidity or baseness of a solution by dipping his g**... into it?

He had a PH D

A spill

While doing a lab experiment I was listening to music by a band who's bassist was a known drug abuser. During his solo, I slipped on some spilled vinegar & lost my grip on a beaker full of sodium hydroxide.
Looks like while he was tripping on acid dropping the bass, I was tripping on acid dropping the base

What does a chemist say when he's pouring water into an acid?

Drop the base.

What do you get when you mix acids and bases together?


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