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Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Since seven was a child, he has always been a prime number. He excelled at everything he did, but he was kind of odd. Seven was very vengeful and quick to anger. Even though he was popular and well praised, he couldn't stand the sight of six, who was well rounded and has a good circle of tight friends.

When prom came, seven was alone and bitter. Of all his achievements, not one helped him land a date. Then six came in with his +1. Filled to the brim with jealousy, seven spread rumors that 6 and 9 were performing unspeakable acts. Six was alone again.

While walking to class, six saw seven with six's former +1 and averted his eyes. As they passed by eachother, seven whispered into six's ear "now, we're even".

Yesterday I learnt that I have a real problem with heroine addiction.

I have to have s**... with a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities...

I asked my girlfriend - what do you like the most about me ? Is it my handsome look ? Is it my amazing intellect ? Is it my astonishing achievements ?

She said "Its your sense of humor"

Two kids talking about their dads achievements

Kid1: have you heard of panama canal?

Kid2: yes.

Kid1: you know my dad dug it.

Kid2: ok, thats it. Have you heard about the dead sea?

Kid1: yes

Kid2: My dad killed it.

A Russian, an American, and a blonde are talking...

about space achievements each of their kind has accomplished.

Russian: We were the first in space

American: We were the first on the moon

Blonde: We will be the first on the sun. How, you ask? We go at night.

Interview:so what are your achievements in life?

I was the first to beat my meat in 2018

What if Stonehenge was made to satirize the achievements of mankind?

It'd be a ruined joke.

Your life and greatest achievements

Ellen Pao tried to make a graph of her career achievements

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