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Five asexual people are playing cards

One of them starts to explain the rules and then he pauses and says
I would say no cheating but there's already five aces at the table

I've lost all the aces from this deck of cards.

I just can't deal with this.

I have a few Aces up my sleeve.

In fact, I have them in s**....

My gambling addiction must be getting out of hand because I've just lost my wife in a game of poker...

She said "How could you do such a thing, losing your wife in a s**... card game!?"
I replied, "Sorry honey, it was very hard for me at the time."
She said, "What do you mean?"
I replied, "Well, it wasn't easy, folding when I had four aces."

A group of asexuals are playing cards

one, the dealer, says "I would tell you all not to cheat, but there are already five aces at the table."

What's the difference between being dealt a pair of aces and winning a sweater?

Nothing, either way you're getting a card-again

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