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The Best jokes about Aces

I've lost all the aces from this deck of cards.

I just can't deal with this.

I have a few Aces up my sleeve.

In fact, I have them in Spades.

My gambling addiction must be getting out of hand because I've just lost my wife in a game of poker...

She said "How could you do such a thing, losing your wife in a stupid card game!?"

I replied, "Sorry honey, it was very hard for me at the time."

She said, "What do you mean?"

I replied, "Well, it wasn't easy, folding when I had four aces."

What's the difference between being dealt a pair of aces and winning a sweater?

Nothing, either way you're getting a card-again

I got shot by a cop after I beat him at poker. He had quad aces but I drew an 8-high straight flush (clubs) on the river...

...I guess black fives do matter.

What did one bird say to the other bird when he played five aces in a poker game?

Cheat, cheat, cheat.

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